Just as God had His “sons” meet with Him so did satan have his “sons” to meet with him to discuss how they can further entrap Christians.  It was discussed many would not follow the already given temptation to change God’s Law and have congregational worship on Sunday.  They were quite satisfied that most Christians either did not know, did not care, and would continue worshipping and thinking God’s day of rest was Sunday, even so far as to coin the phrase, the “Lord’s day”.

Satan was not satisfied.  He raised the alarm when he stated, “Yes, that was truly a good one, but there is a major problem.  You see, there will be this pesky group of Christians who will call themselves, “Adventists” and they will not be fooled into thinking Sunday is ‘you-know-who’s-day’, and will NEVER depart from keeping God’s Sabbath.  We need to come up with a plan to get them involved in following us and have them thinking they’re actually showing love to God.  What can we come up with?”

Many hours were spent in discussing this until in his devious mind the concept of all good things could be developed, from all evil things, and UNLESS the people were wise, studied and found out for themselves, they would never know the truth about this deception.  Satan called it, “Christmas”.  Inherently, the word actually means the “Death of Christ”, and since it was a losing battle what happened on Calvary, this would occur annually, and while many Christians were thinking to honor Christ and His birth, in essence they would be celebrating the devil’s attempt at murdering Him.  This motion was offered, seconded and the majority voted to establish this day.  The motion was carried.

Later, during another time when the “sons of satan” gathered, the discussion came about a woman whom the Adventists would follow.  Satan had already considered it and offered his wisdom:  “Don’t worry about this woman, this Ellen G. White lady.  She’s in the beginning of her life and ministry.  While she is a good woman, and God seems to be directly talking to her, He’s been really quiet regarding this.  Let’s have her write counsels regarding the emblem of our sacrilege, a tree, and with all the other issues she has to deal with, the Great Disappointment, the Sabbath, counsels regarding health and food, this issue regarding Christmas will actually receive the go-ahead and since it occurs once a year, will easily be swept under the rug and people’s consciousness will be satisfied it came directly from God.  What do you think?”  It was approved and so in God’s silence, this loving and devout woman would offer counsel, and the people would follow regardless.  And, so they have.

Many would not read the Scriptures and from there learn what to do regarding any and all forms of paganism.  God had given to His people truth, not hidden but well lighted and yet people would seek to have their own way despite what God wanted them to do.  This has happened throughout the ages of mankind and until God comes, well, satan will always have his “sons” and “daughters” caught up in the imagination that pagan things can be shrouded in Christianity, and still be given the “seal of approval”.

Sadly, but thankfully, many will soon understand the truth and they will also learn what God has given, as Jesus stated so eloquently, “From the beginning it was not so.  Moses gave you this because of the hardness of your heart.”  It can be said to Adventist regarding Christmas, “From the beginning it was not so.  However, Mrs. White gave you this because of the hardness of your heart.”

Now, when will your heart soften?


December 24, 2015