When I was much younger, in my teens I became aware of the writings known as “The Testimonies”.  While I read the profound five version set, it had been my goal to tackle the multiple nine volume set, covered in brown cloth.  I think they were a part of my grandfather’s collection.  However, I never did.  It was not until in my forties when I discovered them, partially completed digitally on a website I used to frequent.  I began collecting them knowing I would want to read them, but the time and involvement with other issues of life took place and I never did.  Now, as I’m approaching sixty, I have the complete nine volume set, digital library, and it is my intention to complete reading them.  I’m reading volume five today.

I am amazed with the truth hidden inside.  What mostly was written for this particular time and for specific persons seem to have been written for me!  I cannot claim some of which might have been written which began, “To Brother B…” could have very well been written for “Bro. Roy…”  I can understand why those who received this counsel might have been offended because of the revelation of their particular situation, or sin, felt exposed, but what of today?  You can never know what I mean unless you’ve taken the time to read them.

In my estimation, these wonderful books were written for a direct purpose to prepare us before even venturing to read the Spirit of Prophecy volumes one through five.  It could be stated thus:  If you read the five volume set you will want to know how to be ready so you read the nine volume set.  And, once you’ve read the nine volume set you will want to know how you will stand while reading the five volume set.

Now, it might seem as though I’ve written in cryptic code but those who have or are reading know what I mean.  They been around since the early 1900’s and especially available to everyone today if they would only utilize the modern means to have them, so the question I would like to ask those who read this post:  “Have you taken the time to read The Testimonies?”


March 9, 2015


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