While having my morning’s devotions, I came across this quotation:

“Precious instruction has been given to our people in the books I have been charged to write. How many read and study these books? The light that God has given may be regarded with indifference and unbelief, but this light will condemn all who have not chosen to accept and obey it.”– Letter 258, 1907

Most times I write to the nominal (Sunday-worshipers).  Few times I gear my writing to member of my own church, the Seventh Day Adventist.  This is one of those times.  Now, before it is questioned, what about the unchurched or the world, as we call it?  That’s not my ministry.  There are many others who have that calling on their lives, but it is not mine.  “The Testimonies”.

The Testimonies

From a child observing my paternal grandfather who always grabbed his Bible and other books, I later learned, were called, “Spirit of Prophecy”, on Sabbath afternoons while my brothers and I were occupying ourselves until it was time for MV (Missionary Volunteer) today’s Adventist Youth meetings.  He also had these nine books, brown in color, arranged from one-to-nine which held my interest and I decided when I learned to read “grown-up” books, I would read this whole series.  It’s taken me nearly 50 years but I’m now almost finished with Volume 5.  So, the above quotation has special meaning, to me, and I am wondering if the same could be said, for you.

Read the quotation again, as I have just done.  Sounds pretty much like a warning, doesn’t it?  And as it should be.  While I am definitely one who presses upon us to read the Bible, cover-to-cover, at least once in your life, the same should be said about “The Testimonies”.  Now, of course, if you’re having trouble reading the Bible through, no doubt “The Testimonies” would be a problem.  How can we claim to know without having read “what” to know?  Truth doesn’t come by osmosis.

I can state Bible facts for having read it through multiple times and keep things in proper context.  I hope the same to be said about “The Testimonies”, but what I can tell you is this:  I’m definitely a better person for having begun, maintaining my course to have read all nine volumes and would recommend you to do the same.

A testimony is only good when it is experienced and then given so others might benefit.


May 7, 2015


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