I’m presently doing a study of the beginning of Adventism and came across the, “Shut Door” belief which occurred and it caused me to consider another point I’d like to share with you, which being:  “No one likes to be judged.”

When one is arrested and facing judgment whether they be innocent or guilty, it is easier to exist in the county jail, going through the day-to-day activities than the night prior to when you know your name will be posted on the billboard having court the following day.  Then to be awakened, normally before the others, taken to a room for breakfast to await being shackled, with many thoughts going through your mind in anticipation of what will occur at judgment or sentencing.  Now both words, “judgment” and “sentencing” normally means two different things; however, most inmates will take a “plea bargain”, having already established guilt and only must appear before the judge for the pronouncement of sentence.  This can be a moment of anxiety.  Although you have agreed to what your sentence is there is no assuredness it will be given because the judge can vacate the recommendation of the probation department who does a “Pre-Sentence Report”, the prosecutor and defense attorney.  Thoughts of finally heading to a “home” prison where there are more liberties than in county jail is wished for, but I would imagine most would rather skip the “judgment executed” (sentencing) and either remain in county that day or head out to do the term given.

Similar is being the situation when comparing ourselves regarding the “Judgment”.  We do know Christ will come—soon.  We are also aware according to the Bible in Rev. 22, when He comes He will have His reward with Him, so before He does return, “Judgment” must have taken place!  Now, this might be a new and sobering thought for many, thinking Judgment is some far out date in the future, but it is not.  Judgment would have had to take place BEFORE He comes in order to reward those who are waiting for Him.  Most would have you think we will appear before a “Judgment Seat”.  But the truth of the matter is, unlike human trials and courtrooms, what could you possibly say to God to change what He already knows!  NOTHING.  And like human courtrooms, one’s history has already been written in a “record” which answers for you.  The same applies for us in the Heavenly Judgment.  Our record, which the angels write will have every thought, deed and desire already chronicled.  This is our “appearing” before the Judgment Seat of God.

While it would be easier to stay status quo in the “county jail” of our lives, or to head to our reward whether good or bad, preferred, but the truth of the matter is, “Judgment” is going on, right now, for you and I!  Does this give you a sobering view of what you’re doing right now?  What you’re contemplating, right now?  How you will conduct yourself from this point on?  Well, it should.  For you to know the Truth and despise, reject or ignore is to place you beyond any attorney, even Jesus, who represents us before the Father, can do for you.  Now, THAT should raise an eyebrow or two.

This is truly a solemn and somber message but it doesn’t have to be “bad” news when you make the decision to put forth effort, in your daily life, to rectify, reconcile and release those things which work against you on your record.

Spend time going over your case, today.


February 16, 2015


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