All day as I’m reading a book entitled, “The Harbinger” (2012) a best-selling Christian novel by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jew, as recommended by a friend of my youth, Vanessa Pinnix, (thank you!) I’m simply amazed and impressed by what we “don’t know” and think we do! As most of you remember Black Friday and the following Monday in October 1987.  I was thankful for the insight having sold my shares of IBM stock before the Market closed on Friday.  Little did I know then the ramifications of all which went into what took place!  Sometimes the Holy Spirit just takes us by the back of the neck and lead because in other way, it would a total loss.  It was actually a religious awakening and I know now, I was asleep.  I didn’t know.

9/11, 2008 are also dates of renown, which remain unknown simply because having lived through these experiences, we really have no idea of the implications and how these came about and no clue as to God’s involvement, these events having taken place to get our attention, and we’re asleep.  WE ARE ASLEEP to what He wants us to know.  We find our employment, family, albeit notable and worthy and set them before us as the ultimate of everything while the world is going by, giving us signs and events and we have no cognizance about what is taking place!

Then, once we have stuffed ourselves with what is already mentioned, we find hours and hours involved in watching men, and women, with numbers written on their backs, trying to get a ball to the other side of a field, or court, and in retrospect I’m so thankful I don’t watch sports or have any interest whatsoever because sports have no intrinsic value to one’s soul salvation.  Not one bit.  How many of you will allow this day to be used being in front of the monitor doing exactly this?

We can sit for hours and chat.  My hand goes up on that one, discussing foolishness and craft and at the end of the day what have we done in terms of accomplishments, gaining knowledge, furthering our spiritual warfare because the battle is real.  I’m so convinced—now, as never before the Scriptures are not enough!  Wow, what a loaded statement because this goes against the grain for many.  Let me say it again, “the Scriptures are not enough” and this is the reason why?  For one, without knowing history and present day, current events, never mind not reading the Bible as we should, how could we possibly know what is taking place right in front of our eyes—literally!  Those of us who do read it can recite verses and all for what?  It begins to become commonplace, which is good, don’t get me wrong, but it is even more rewarding when you see what is written is confirmed by the writings which are being published—today, or events which the Scriptures foretold, happening right NOW.  RIGHT NOW!  This is truly an exciting time in our history because so much is taking place, but as the Laodicean church was told, “We are so rich and think we got it all and need nothing else.”  It is no wonder with that attitude many us of us already have our reservations to hell and think our destination is heaven-bound.

It is truly sad some of the conversations, no, debates going on which are worthless.  All the ignorant people discussing what they don’t know, tantamount of two blind persons who have never seen giving directions to a place they’ve never been.  Our complete religious experience is sitting in front of people like ourselves, perhaps some even less knowledgeable thinking we’re being fed from heaven’s bakery.  Oh, those cakes and cupcakes were sweet, but it was nothing close to the “bread” we really need for the nourishing of our lives.  I’m becoming more convince to learn truth, but first read and gain truth, then think about truth and then write truth and leave it alone for those who have the same desire, but don’t debate truth because if it has to be debated, then either one or both parties haven’t a clue and trying to find  common ground for there is nothing common about the ground of truth!  Some of us are too smart for our own good, again recapping the message to the Laodicean church.

Prophecy is being fulfilled almost daily and that which is taking place is happening without our having any idea it is taking place.  So much bickering about what Trump said or did or will do and all you can see is the outward and not what is going on behind the scenes or what they mean—spiritually.  So, yes, the word in the title of this post, “Shemitah”.  Ever heard of it?  Some of you know it, have spoken about it, but have not a clue of its far-reaching truth because I just found out myself and I’ve been reading the Scriptures for fifty years but it took reading another book to support the Scriptures which has now opened my eyes to so much.  Holy Spirit led?  No doubt.  Christ said He would do exactly that:  “lead us into “all” truth.  Many of us don’t require the leading of the Holy Spirit because we choose to lead Him into confirming what we think we know and if it does not go with what we think then it cannot be true.

There is nothing we can do to stop what God is doing right at this very moment, with or without our being knowledgeable.  His agenda will go on and unless you are willing to invest some serious time in Him, and this means more than what you are currently doing, you won’t get it.  You will be dependent on someone else and my friends, that’s a very dangerous position to be in.  Earlier in the year I remember reading a friend’s post asking for support as she desires to read the Scriptures this year.  A chapter!  A day!!!  Now, that’s truly sad.  How about reading a book a day?  Takes three days to read the Bible.  You have no trouble reading whatever else you want to read.  You have no trouble watching your shows every week.  I like digital reading because when I open the app it tells me that I have, for example, 3 hours and 25 minutes to read this book!  Who cannot give that much time, per day, to do something worthwhile and fulfilling and will tell you what is really happening around us.  I’m thinking now of all the time I have wasted following foolishness, wasting time which can never be reclaimed.  Not anymore.

Again, God’s agenda will go according to schedule and it will go with you or without you.  It’s always your choice.


January 15, 2017