I read this quotation for my morning’s devotion:

“Many who embraced the third message had not had an experience in the two former messages. Satan understood this, and his evil eye was upon them to overthrow them; but the third angel was pointing them to the Most Holy Place, and those who had had an experience in the past messages were pointing them the way to the heavenly Sanctuary. Many saw the perfect chain of truth in the angels’ messages, and gladly received them in their order, and followed Jesus by faith into the heavenly Sanctuary. These messages were represented to me as an anchor to the people of God. Those who understand and receive them will be kept from being swept away by the many delusions of Satan.” –Early Writings, page 256.

We’re being confronted, at this time, with a movement which is actually moving away from God.  We are beginning to see a group who are making the claim what is taking place in the Heavenly Sanctuary cannot be proven; however, what had taken place on Calvary is historic, literal and definite.  Therefore, there is no real need to learn about the Sanctuary and all what it means.  At the same time, there is a greater movement which is beginning to minimize the requirements of the Sabbath to the point where the Sabbath is not kept.  Again, the belief is what took place on Calvary is sufficient and as long as there is “love” for God and for our fellowman, it does not matter what day worship is being held, or observed, by man.

I think and now believe this is why I have been led to drop everything for this year and to make an in-depth study regarding the 1843-44 experience, what occurred in 1846, to solidify my faith and now can see the apparent danger of having not done so in lieu of the many deceptions and distractions which satan is now bringing with an even more forceful approach as time gets closer to the great conflagration.

How can one understand the significance of the Sabbath without having a good understanding of the Sanctuary and the Third Angel’s Message?  How can one appreciate the Third Angel’s Message without having understood the first two angels whose message were in regards to the Sanctuary?  To reject the Sanctuary Service, is in fact, to reject the Third Angel’s Message, which is the Sabbath!  To reject the Sabbath means eternal death, so for those who believe it is not important to keep the Sabbath day of God’s Holy Law is to reject God no matter how much you might claim to love Him.  It is truly clear, now, when God says, “If you love Me, keep My Commandments.”

We are responsible for the light given to us as equally are we responsible for the light we could have gotten had we taken the time to receive it.  Only God knows what we should have received and as a result of not receiving it, it will in fact, condemn us!  Our hours spent on employments is necessary in order to live; however, they should not exceed what is reasonable making us lazy with regard to holy things.  Our much time is spent in recreation as compared to the time of re-creation God is desiring to do within us?  Family time is certainly important, but does this “family-time” include what Job did for his children, continuing to bring them before God in case they forgot to do so for themselves?  How much time is spent in personal prayer, personal study as compared to Candy Crush Saga or reading other’s posts which provides an empty motivation which only last until we scroll past to another, well, literally distraction?

Time is winding up and many of us are too distracted with the distractions given by satan not realizing we’re not only in the fourth quarter of the NBA finals, the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, the 12th round of the fight, the 18th hole, the last match…the last moment of our existence.


May 19, 2015


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