I pledged myself to studying the issue which many are bringing up regarding the Sanctuary. I need to make this disclaimer, “I’m not finished—yet”; however, I’m beginning to see a danger particularly when Adventist who should, I repeat, should “KNOW” what the Feasts represent in lieu of the Sanctuary service begin to side along with nominal believers that the Cross is all in all as pertaining to their Christian experience.  The belief what took place on Calvary is sufficient and conclusive and we needn’t worry about a Sanctuary or Judgment; this is a mistake!

When you examine the Sanctuary and what took place, you find like the lamb, Christ, was killed “outside” the camp.  While the “payment” for sin had taken place, it did not cover all.  There was still a process which needed to take place within the veil.  While Christ died once, the lamb was being slain every day.  However, what took place within the second compartment, the Most Holy Place, would determine what took place outside of this compartment was in fact completed.  I read where the people stood and examined themselves during this time making sure they had in fact confessed all of their sin.  Those who satisfied all of the requirements, when the High Priest was again seen, lives where absolved before God.  Those who were not, it would be perceived as if they were since there was no actual “executive” judgment, the carrying out of the sentence at that time.

What about us?

Christ dying on the cross covered everyone but there still needed the process of what occurred within the veil, hence the same examination needed for us while our High Priest, Christ, ministers before the Father on our behalf.  And when He comes from within the Most Holy Place to make His second return here, it will then be determined who was covered by that blood and who were not!  So, it is at this time, we should be examining our lives.  Are our sins being confessed and forgiven?  Do you even pray regarding your sins, each one, or do you make a blanket statement, “Lord, please forgive me of my sins” without enumerating which sin you are referring.  This is what Ancient Israel did and if nothing else could be said good about the Catholic church, their ideology of the confessional is on point about confessing what sin it is which need forgiveness.

We are told about generalities when it comes to God.  God does not treat us in a general sense, nor should we when it comes to our lives.  While it is proper to pray, for example, for our children, do you not bring before God each one and their particular problem?  I remember overhearing my grandmother praying for her family.  She named each member and it was an awesome experience when I heard her come to my name and what she prayed regarding me!  It is said Christ goes over each individual record, each instance of our lives and thought, so doesn’t it make sense we do the same during this same period?

No, the Cross was the beginning of our salvation, but the examination of our lives, the record book being opened, our confessed sins, our participation in our own individual cases finishes the task so what was done outside the camp, the shedding of His blood on our behalf is in fact now applied and that satisfactorily.

We are not done yet.


May 6, 2015


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