I’m talking with a friend and learning more about life here in the Philippines, I asked her to take a photo of her home.  While it is very common to see, living here in the Philippines, yet the second photo is of a home I am wishing to have built in a few years, and it shames me to think of living this way when many others, millions of others are living the way they do.  However, when I take in the greater scope, perhaps the shame, embarrassment and wonderment I feel for this person, the same is for those who are now in heaven.  Although eyes have not seen and ears have not heard, one can only imagine what is being prepared for us would make whatever we are living in today, no matter how grand in appearance, hovels in comparison.

As it is difficult for me to hear people who live in such squalor talk about their happiness and contentment, and they’re only hope and desire is simply to have something to eat, to finish their education, it appears their only goal in life is in reaching back to help those who continue to live there, even at the risk of remaining there because happiness tends to reside under those sheeted aluminum roofs.  How many of us would venture to bathe outside, because this is where the only water is found?  There are no levers or handles where one can set the temperature when it is gotten from a well.  When it gets dark outside it means it is dark inside and sleep comes naturally as getting up because it is light and the sun manages to present itself through the bamboo slats which forms the walls, never providing absolute privacy.

Where finishing one’s education past a certain point becomes a challenge few are able to attain.  Where boys have nothing else to do and look forward to allow those unrestrained hormones to seek out someone, that girl who is looking for security and love, all which are never quite reachable, but “hope” is.  It is easy to have “hope” until it, too, leaves, such as the boy who has impregnated her and now she is following in the same footsteps as her mother, which, also resides in the same home, with her mother, and probably her mother before…

Yes, we might “think” we have it so good, all of us, but when we are finally in the presence of the ultimate living, the ultimate housing development engineered by Christ, then and only then can we truly see ourselves as we are seen.  However, until that day should we be graced to enter in, we have to look about ourselves—now.  We must learn to view each other—now, as brothers and sisters.  In the days of the Apostles, they all gave of themselves, which made them one.  Nothing one had another did not, and it is because of this generosity, this kinship, this fellowship with one another they were able to find that place call, “on one accord”, and it was then they experienced something which never happened before!  They experienced a little of heaven on earth.

We should be so fortunate.





March 18, 2016