There is only one instance which will be the condemning factor of anyone not saved into the Kingdom.  It is:  unbelief.

How many of you who witness truth to family and friends, yet after the session, it was their inability to “believe” which causes them to not accept the truth?  I have had many occasion when witnessing to someone, they could “accept” what was being said WAS truth; yet, there was something within them which would not allow them to “believe”.  To accept and incorporate into their lives, and for this inability, this “power of unbelief”, they will be lost.

Matthew Henry, the great Bible commentator in a work which bears his name states:

“And even this is Gospel, it is good news, that nothing else but unbelief shall damn men, which is a sin against the remedy.”

While “belief” is the key, the question becomes, “What should I believe?”  For certain, there are many “beliefs” out there waiting like items on the shelf in a market.  There are various sizes, colors and weights fitted for one’s own personal preference.  Such is the condition of “religion” today.  So many different shapes, messages available, and what is offered referred as the “buffet religion”, we pick and choose what suits us and discard what does not.  Investigated a particular church, this morning, called, “Progression” and from its site what appears the message it brings is one of, well, “progression” and utilizes messages of self-help, motivational-type, making one to feel-good about themselves when they really need to feel “real” about their condition and recognize it is not this new message of hope and change but the old message of changing and having hope!

There is an imminent danger in these motivational-type messages and the messengers.  They capitalized on what you can be and do.  Christ’s message dealt with who you are and can become what He wants you to be THROUGH Him, not through yourself!  I used to participate in these sessions when working offered by my employer and it had you leaving the meeting walking on air and as if you’re able to overcome all “perceived” odds.  It wears off, though.  Sadly, churches are now being built with this type of message.  The novelty, too, will eventually wear off as the people seek to rise higher and higher in their thinking and feeling, but the truth of the matter is, nothing was ever offered to reveal who you “are”, in Christ, and what He wants to make of you.

From Cain down to the last individual born and lost, the one word which will characterized their being lost could easily be summed as “sin”, but the inherent issue regarding what prompted the sin will be found in the easily remedied, if-you-want-to-but-did-not, “unbelief”.

Several years ago, witnessing to an older gentlemen, he said after an hour of discussion, “Bro. Roy, I hear what you’re saying and it all sounds good, but I gotta hear it from God.”  My next statement was, “You did.  He sent me.”  He may have jokingly said but it is sad when considered his next words, “No, He has to come down and tell me Himself.”

He’s coming down alright, but the message this brother will hear will not be the one he wanted to hear.  Jesus will be saying, “Depart from Me.”

And, although it, too, was spoken in truth, he will not want to “believe” this either!


September 30, 2015