Sunday is usually my day of “secular” reading, playing videogames like “Scrabble”, love the game so much by being challenged by others against a wonderful writer, like myself, who has mastered the craft of the English language!  Now, if you don’t believe me, just ask me!  (A bit of humor there.)  However, this day has been spent more in writing posts of religious themes, pointed and directed.  Of watching religious videos which are sharing the message, and now my thoughts are being directed, as I’m watching this particular video about numbers and the power of numbers.

Imagine this, if you will:  how many of you have ever seen your name in print?  It can be quite an awesome experience.  For me, it was about age 12 when I saw my name published in a magazine, for the first time, because of a poem I wrote.  Later, I got a chance to see it again in the Cleveland Press and later Cleveland Plain Dealer because of articles I wrote.  I’ve gone on to see it in other papers since.  Then came the awesome experience to see it on the first book I wrote and published, and later works which followed; but the most “awesome of awesome” experience of ever having seen my name written and published was when I saw this:  “The United States of America vs. Roy Anthony Martin II”.  Now, THAT caused me to swallow deeply.  Me against a country!

Let’s examine numbers.  There is something to be said for them.  Something caused, well, let’s just be forthright, the “something” was the “Holy Spirit” who has been quite active in my life and I trust in your own, to Google the numbers in religious bodies.  It is noted Christianity has 2.2 billion adherents while Islam has 1.6 billion.  Now, although Christianity has considerably more, the problem comes in the many divisions within Christianity.  Catholics being the highest with 1.7 billion and Protestants coming in at 800 million.  And within the body of Catholicism just as with Protestantism, there are many divisions but not as many as there are within Islam, comprising 23% of the world’s population.  And due to their much publicized events of what radicalized Muslims are responsible for, the entire population of Muslims gets a bad rap.  No surprise there since the Bible indicated from the beginning how the world would see them and treat them, and what they themselves would be responsible for, so no sympathy for them in that regard.

Due to the strong dislike which they garner, it is not surprising why ecumenism is rising rapidly.  If by sheer numbers the various groupings of Christianity could come together, it would speak volumes why endtime events will be an awesome experience.  The Bible is clear:

“And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.” Rev 13:3 (KJV)

Emphasis is on “…and all the world wondered after the beast.”  ALL THE WORLD.  Get it?  ALL THE WORLD as opposed “Remnant of God”.  That’s a BIG number against a SMALL number.  So, it means ALL of the Catholics, no matter their divisions.  It means ALL the Muslims, no matter their divisions.  It means ALL the Protestants, no matter their divisions.  It means ALL the Eastern religions and let’s throw in Atheist, regardless of their divisions, will WONDER after the beast (papacy, or better still pope), and can’t you not see it beginning already, right now?

The remnant.  Who are they?  Well, according to Revelation 12: 17 they have two characteristics.  (1) The Keep the Ten Commandments of God, and (2) They have the Spirit of Prophecy, which is the testimony of Jesus.

So, now you know the true power of numbers.  Are you ready to be a part of the greater number or that of the lesser which has the greater power?

The choice is up to you.

Oh, by the way, seeing my name against the United States will be nothing when I see it against the entire world during the “Time of Trouble”.  I guess I’m getting more and more popular!


November 20, 2016