“We are on the very verge of the time of trouble, and perplexities that are scarcely dreamed of are before us. A power from beneath is leading men to war against Heaven. Human beings have confederated with satanic agencies to make void the Law of God. The inhabitants of the world are fast becoming as the inhabitants of the world in Noah’s day, who were swept away by the Flood, and as the inhabitants of Sodom, who were consumed by fire from heaven. The powers of Satan are at work to keep minds diverted from eternal realities. The enemy has arranged matters to suit his own purposes. Worldly business, sports, the fashions of the day—these things occupy the minds of men and women. Amusements and unprofitable reading spoil the judgment. In the broad road that leads to eternal ruin there walks a long procession. The world, filled with violence, reveling, and drunkenness, is converting the church. The Law of God, the divine standard of righteousness, is declared to be of no effect.” –Testimonies to the Church, Volume 9, page 43.

Is it any wonder this was written in 1905 and it seem quite apparent as news for today!

Let’s look around us, even at the current news.  The unrest involved in Paris at the 2016 games.  The diversion of minds regarding sports in U.S. especially during this time—in about one-half hour!  How many posts I have noticed regarding business and fashion, including hair, which absorbs many of the hours of time we have left!  Now, that is a sobering thought, especially for those of us who are up there in years.  We never think of it as being “time left” but it is.  How many have we seen posted whose time was “up”, finito, finished, kaput.  Soon, someone will be posting about our death.

Look how prevalent we’re hearing more and more regarding the lawlessness of homosexuality.  From gay marriage to gay rights, to tragedy hitting the gay community and this is just the beginning.  However, the flagrant announcements and pronouncements is making homosexuality such a commonplace part of the community, the demarcation line of distinction is gradually fading and what was once a perversion becomes a perfecting of relationships because it is to be accepted and expected.

I spoke with a friend yesterday about studying and she stated when the children, four of them were born, less time given for study.  My response to her was, “So, are you blaming them for your lack of being able to study?”  Not a criticism but an observation because NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING should get in the way or substitute our ability to become closer to God.  There’s a word for it:  “idolatry” and “yes”, even our children can become such.

What immediately struck home, for me, was the sentence: “Amusements and unprofitable reading spoils the judgment.”  I was nailed on this one because although I can, and do, spend about eight hours a day reading, studying, writing worthy material for myself and others, how many additional hours are spent in video games, reading novels, watching unprofitable shows?  What is the justification for it?  We are so close, let me repeat, sooo close to the time when we will truly see none of these things mattered, after all, and on what side will they have gotten us closer:  God or the devil?

Look what is happening within the church.  So many churches preach and teach what God gave to man, His Law of Ten Commandments are no longer necessary for salvation when they are in fact the judgment which will be used against us.  Where subjects like “grace, love, and gift” replace “duty, obligation and respect”, and they are both conjoined together, not separate.

Many of us know and are looking for the return of Christ, but sadly we’re not prepared.  We can be thankful He hasn’t returned—yet, but He will.  And when He does, it will be too late to see what we’re doing now, what we were warned about over one hundred years ago, has given us no excuse.  No excuse at all.

We can no longer expect a Marvin Gaye to give us warnings about “What’s Going On”, when what is going on is what should make us aware of what is truly going on!


June 17, 2016