If you were like me reading the Bible, you could not see much sense in those verses which spoke about landmarks or boundaries, so we might have skipped whole chapters if not verses to get on to the next topic.  Many of us might have felt, too, well, this was relative to Israel and has no meaning for us Christians today.  I’m beginning to see where that kind of thinking is amiss and God didn’t put these words, these ideologies for no purpose and relevance for whoever want to follow Him, no matter the time in which we live.

I have heard through my school’s Facebook page my alma mater, John F. Kennedy High School, is going to be rebuilt elsewhere.  Now, no one much cares if it is their elementary or junior high, but when it comes to high school, it’s “sacred” ground we’re talking about!  No matter where they build it, the fact it is not in the same location brings concern.  It will not be the same thing, no matter how modern it may be and while we can appreciate the revolutionary technology, it is not the same.  Those who will attend will no doubt be “Mighty Fighting Eagles”, but do not have our experience, cannot understand the nuances which goes with having gone to 17100 Harvard Avenue for those three years of our lives.

Sadly, too, my home church, Glenville Seventh Day Adventist, have staked ground in Euclid, and will be closing their doors to rebuild in another location.  In this case, they could not take the name of the location and transfer it to another part of the city.  Glenville, as it is known, will cease to exist, but the memories we hold will remain.  Those whose membership is involved will have to admit it cannot be the same.  It reminds me of the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple and how the old men cried because no matter the beauty, it could never replace what once was.

Now understand, I’m no loyalist or traditionalist, and wherever I am is considered, “home”, to me; however, there is something to be said for the landmarks of life.  What occurred in “Kennedy” and “Glenville” has resulted in me and who I am.  I do not have intentions of ever returning to the United States, but if I should, what would I see at 17100 Harvard Avenue or 737 East 105th?  Nothing but whatever else is in its place and it cannot ever replicate or substitute what are the “landmarks” of my life.

I think God knew what He was doing when He had given commands to Israel about the sacredness of landmarks and the respect one should have for them.  Today, humanity has lost its mind regarding God’s purposes and intent for landmarks.  Now, baby pictures of that cherished daughter or son is questioned and wondered at by others who will view them later and become confused because Auntie or Uncle is now Uncle or Auntie, because of some demonic possession which infiltrated the minds of these people who have decided to undergo some revolutionary medical treatment which will make them the opposite of what they were intended to be!  I’m talking about “removing the landmarks”!

The enemy has worked hard to remove landmarks within our great church and that of Christianity.  God intended and commanded the seventh day is to be the Sabbath, but most of Christendom now attends church on the first day of the week, and will fight to maintain their errant and demonic belief supposedly in the “name of the Lord”, but refuse to recognize “which” lord they’re really serving.  I’m talking about “removing the landmarks”!

No wonder the Lord said He would raise up a people who would be called, “repairers of the breach”:

“And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.” Isaiah 58:12 (KJV)

Yet, the enemy is not satisfied, and within the next 3-4 weeks will seek to cause a “breach” in the building of these repairers by having a faction to move against the foundation by the ordination of women to the “priesthood”!  WHERE in your Bible have you ever seen any indication God ever sanctioned this type of breach?  I just need to see one text, which is not taken out of context, to establish such a demonic revolutionary belief.

My friends, wherever they rebuild Kennedy, it will not be Kennedy.  Wherever they build Glenville will not be Glenville.  Whomever undergoes the knife to change their sexuality will never be other than who they were.  Wherever they worship on Sunday, will not be the Sabbath and wherever the ordaining of women takes place is not God’s design for His church, because although some, no, the majority have fallen and changed from the foundation, there will be those of us who will stand for the repairing of the breaches which have been made in God’s sacred design and Creation.

Please, don’t call me a loyalist or a traditionalist, but call me a “repairer” of the breaches mankind is making against the sovereignty of God.

I’m one “landmark” which will not be moved.


June 20, 2015


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