“When I have written one testimony to the brethren, I have thought that I should not have any more to write; but again I am in travail of soul, and cannot sleep or rest. In the night season I am speaking and writing clear words of admonition. I waken so burdened in soul that I [am] again driven to take up my pen. In various ways matters are opened up before my mind, and I dare not rest, or keep quiet.” Mrs. Ellen G. White, Manuscript Releases No. 20—Divine Revelation Letter 59, 1895, pp. 11, 12. (To Brother and Sister Olsen, May 12, 1895.)

I love to write.  From a child I had the desire to write.  I used to sit under a box, with scraps of paper and have as many pencils and pens in front of me I could accumulate, had the impression I was in my office.  When I mastered the alphabet and learned how to construct sentences, I tackled the art of poetry, my first poem published in 1968, at the age of 11.  Death in my family was a bittersweet experience because I was tasked with writing poems for the obituaries to eventually writing articles for newspapers, working in a publication department during my career with IBM, as an editorial assistant which led to tech writer/editor, gave me satisfaction I knew existed for me, as a child.  Today, now retired, books written and yet some remain to be written, I understand those words quoted above by Mrs. White.  I know exactly what it means when Jeremiah says its like “fire shut up in my bones”.  We need to get those words out.  Even now, I’m sitting in a bank, waiting in the infamous lines known for the Philippines, but with my new tablet in front of me, I am doing what I love–writing!

Mrs. White didn’t know about laptops and tablets.  She would grab her pen.  The authors of the Bible wrote or used scribes to write the words which issued because of inspiration.  I read somewhere, Mrs. White had 40,000 full pages stored away for later incorporating into books at the time of her death.  All in handwriting, by a pen!  Now, this is amazing to me.  For many years, I would not use a typewriter because as a child I became accustomed to using only a pen.  It was a progression for me, now I couldn’t think of doing it any other way.  While incarcerated several times, I resorted to what I did as a child, getting my words out via pen.  Enjoyed being in the federal system when I did have access to a typewriter.  Otherwise, I was happy using a pen to write most of my book, “If You Send Me, I Will Go” and transcribing my notes later using a laptop, which resulted over 540 pages.

The point of this post?  Do not doubt for a moment what we have received from Mrs. White’s pen is not from God.  We were told someone would come He would use to provide us with insight and guidance for these last days.  No other denomination can attest to such other than ourselves and it is with respect I have for her, wish for you to have the same, and utilize her material for the benefit of our relationship with God.

There was a time I rejected Mrs. White.  I used the phrase the church was using a “prophet to make a profit” and sadly, many are stuck in this mode of thinking and will not advance in their own lives for rejecting the gift given to them, to us.

There is a saying, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”  This saying doesn’t bear weight because the Sword (Bible) we use is so much mightier, but it is our “pen” (her writings) will help us to use our Swords efficiently and effectively.


December 29, 2014


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