We read in the Bible how when Christ performed a miracle on the Gergesa coast which resulted in a herd of swine being lost, the people didn’t want to have anything to do with Jesus.  They asked Him to leave but Christ realized although they wouldn’t hear Him they would definitely hear those two men of whom He healed from being possessed with demons.  There were no doubts about the condition of these two men.  But something had happened.  They were not the same and this enough would be the witness which would change lives.

While it is questionable whether or not I’ve ever been “possessed” by a demonic force it is certain I’ve enjoyed “swine” and still would except I’ve made a decision, a conscious decision, to give up those things which are forbidden and which also makes good health sense so either reasoning is enough for me, despite my appreciation for baby-back ribs to let them go.  Let’s be honest, there’s nothing good or beneficial about them except for the taste.  However, I can say the same for cigarettes.  I enjoyed smoking, but I hated what it was doing to me.  The same for crack cocaine.  I enjoyed the high, but I didn’t enjoy the addiction.

When Jesus healed these men He sent them back with this message, “Tell them what I’ve done for you.”  Think about it.  They didn’t know Jesus except for what just occurred.  This wasn’t a four year commitment to a university to gain a degree to serve with credentials.  This was simply men who had an experience for a very long time of difficulty to share the story of “what happened?”  It was a message they’re to give because the people rejected the One who healed, because of swine, but they would not reject the ones who were healed, at the cost of their swine.

So, my message to you today in this writing is two-fold:  (1) If you are involved with swine, in any fashion, give it up, and (2) Tell others of what Jesus has done for you.  You see, they’re both interrelated.  When you have given up that which destroys health, which swine ultimately does, it cleans your mind so you’re able to appreciate what God is sharing with you to be shared with others, and you’ll have a much longer life with quality health to be able to do so.  I already am seeing the results in my life, and now I’m following the same commission to tell others.

Consider yourself told.


September 29, 2014


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