“Dear brethren, the Lord is coming. Lift up your thoughts and heads and rejoice. Oh, we would think that those who hear the joyful news, who claim to love Jesus, would be filled with joy unutterable and full of glory. This is the good, the joyful news which should electrify every soul, which should be repeated in our homes and told to those whom we meet on the street. What more joyful news can be communicated! Caviling and contention with believers or unbelievers is not the work God has given us to do.”—Selected Messages, pg. 381.

Yesterday, I was involved in a discussion which disturbed the very core of my being.  I will share only the subject but will not get into discussion for this is not my point.  I ran into “fellow” Adventists who are making the inference the, “Trinity”, is a product of Catholicism!  This bothered me.  What bothered me so much was the fact as I stepped into the baptismal pool, three times literally, these words were stated, “In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost”, and I came up out of the water believing it was a good thing, and now there are people who align themselves within the church saying this is all wrong!  My ending statement before disassociating myself from this discussion was, “Truly the “Shaking” is taking place.”

I had a dream last night, just a few hours ago, where I was doing something I used to enjoy which I don’t do anymore, and that was to sing.  In this dream, I knew the words but I couldn’t decide if I would sing the song in a voice which was comfortable or try for the dramatic ending whose notes were higher, a little out of my range but I knew I could do it if I tried and believe.  No matter what those notes were, the words would not change; however, and I think this is the key and the answer to the perplexing question which filled my mind the night before.

The above quotation holds the key:  “Caviling and contention with believers or unbelievers is not the work God has given us to do.”  Long have I said it is not my duty to convince anyone of Truth.  God hadn’t called me to debate, argue or even discuss these matters but to “tell” people of His soon return.  Now, what people would do with the news is left up to them, but I can tell you what it is causing me to do.  It’s causing me to pray more.  It is causing me to study more.  It has caused me to “write” more in providing encouragement to a dying world to get ready because Jesus is soon to come.  Isn’t there enough people who really don’t know this which should be the focus of my attention as opposed to those who do know this but don’t acknowledge it in their lives and actions because they’re too busy wanting to know if there are really three persons in one as opposed to just one?  How many will it take to save us?  I believe, “just” one, but I am certainly grateful that all three are involved in my salvation.  I KNOW who my Father is.  I KNOW who died for me on the cross, and I KNOW whose voice I’ve heard over the years guiding me into all Truth.  I know that I know that I know.

“Study to show (thy)self approved…” is a familiar text.  Notice it does not say, “Study to show (him or her) approved…”  While I am being “approved” it takes being “improved” on my habits, my life and my relationship with God.  When this has been improved correctly then the message to bear to others, out of love, will be correctly given and THEN a blessing can attend to my efforts.  Until then, like Paul says, “I am merely a sounding brass.” In other words, just making a lot of noise!


January 28, 2015


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