“And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.” Joel 2:25 (KJV)

I know for a fact, this is true.  This has been evident in my life.

Anyone having known me, pre-substance abuse days, can attest to the fact, using the language of the street, I was “living large”.  I had all the things which makes life comfortable.  I had the house, the cars, the shiny things which makes life worth living.  I didn’t worry about bills and bought whatever I wanted.  I had a good, no, great job, and it didn’t seem there would be an end in sight.  A closet full of clothes, a recreation room full of high-end gadgets which produced sound and sight and if that was not enough, I doubled up on each acquirement just in case I needed a back-up.  And then the unthinkable occurred.  Just as fast as it was given, it was taken away.

I learned what it was because of drug addiction to lose wife, family and friends.  I experienced losing the home and cars.  I found out the music and sights from gadgets are easily replaced with the sights and sounds of the city street.  Living homelessly ambling along not knowing what to do, where to go, how to live.  I know what it is to instead of spending $50 for lunch, to find the next meal in a garbage can.  I know what it is to look at jail and prison as a way of comfort and ease as compared to not having anything.  I know what it is to be a snail, carrying my existence on my back.  I know what it is to be extremely cold and hot because of no shelter.

And…I know what it is to experience when God has said something He will do it.  The locust have stopped eating.  God is now in the restoring business.

Today, I’m nearly approaching the type of home I had before, but it will be paid completely.  I’m nearly approaching the opportunity of deciding if I want a car or not, and if so, it will be paid completely.  I don’t need nearly as many clothes because of the climate, but I have a choice, today.  I can eat what I want, when I want and where I want.  My gadgets have returned, in multitude, and are more useful because they’re being used in ministry.

Those of you who look to others and admire what they have, it is because God has “restored” to them what the locust have eaten, but I’m here to tell you eventually the locust get full and move on to the next victim and then your time of restoration begin.  Just do not give up hope.  Restoration is soon to occur in your life.


May 31, 2016