I have returned from my meditative walk and the thought occurred and I will share it with you.  I don’t know your experience with the “penal” system, but I have had many occasions, which in the long run, I am thankful for, because it has helped me to become a better person.  This is what the “Law” does, even though at times it is not a pleasant experience.  Allow me to elaborate.

I have stood in front of many a judge and have been found guilty and have had to pay the price.  There have also been a time when didn’t know the law, I was found guilty and had to pay the price.  There were also times when I was guilty and received grace.  However, one thing stood true in each and every situation, there was a “law” present and working either for me or against me.

Never have I walked into a courtroom and the judge said, “Mr. Martin, today is your day because there is no law.  You’re free to go!”  Silly, isn’t it?  It’s about as silly as those who profess we’re no longer under God’s 10 Commandments.  How do you expect to be judged?  With what if it’s no longer established?  If there is no law there is no crime so consequently, if there is no Law then there is no sin!

So, if there IS a Law and I believe there is, it wouldn’t be to your best interest to live as if it does not exist, because in the end it will bite you.  I’ll share an experience with you:  I was placed on ROR (Released On Recognizance) and instead of showing up for court, I became a fugitive.  I wrote the court and the arresting detective and paid the restitution.  Two years later, on another case finishing, there was a police car ready to take me back on the old case.  I spent 3 days in jail waiting to see the judge.  When brought before her, she asked, “Is this the man who always let us know where he was AND paid the restitution?”  I answered in the affirmative.  She then pronounced sentence, “I find you guilty of the charge and sentenced to 2 years.  You spent 3 days in jail, so time served!”  Now, that’s what I call, “grace”!

No matter what we feel about the Law, the Law is there for our benefit.  My/Your Bible also calls the Law, perfect!  “The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple”.  Psalms 19:7 (KJV).  Later, it goes on to call the Law, sweet: “…sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb. Psalms 19:10 (KJV)

To quote a famous comedian from the 60’s, Flip Wilson, “Here comes da judge!”  And He’ll be expecting you to have been observing and keeping His Law.


August 14, 2014


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