There are some who wish to confuse others and have this belief the Law of God, the Ten Commandments is superseded by the Law of Christ, which in fact, the Law of Christ IS the Law of God because Christ came to establish, meaning to solidify, justify and exemplify God’s Law above everything else.  In fact, Christ never changed God’s Law but only magnified it.  It is also true, if God’s Law could be changed, there would have been no need for Christ to die!  So, where is the confusion?

The confusion lies in this fact:  Those who teach the “Law of Christ” as doing away with God’s Law under such mistaken words as “dispensation” or “covenants” have no idea there is a distinction between the Law of God, the Ten Commandments and the Law of Moses, the “Mosaic law” as it is most commonly referred.  They believe they are both one in the same.  The believe since Mt. Sinai, where and when both were given to the church of Israel, but what they fail to acknowledge God spoke only one Law.  God wrote only one Law and this was the Ten Commandments.  Did God write the law given to Moses which were not given in the Ten Commandments?  The answer is “no”.  Moses wrote them at God’s dictation.  Defining a difference.

God’s Ten Commandments are eternal.  They are not a part of any dispensations or shadows.  It is in fact, God’s character.  Want to know about God, read the Ten Commandments.  Want to know who God’s followers are?  They will be observing and keeping the Ten Commandments.  Which, if any, of the Ten Commandments do you find offensive?  Which one is problematic for you?  For they are all good and perfect, each one of the Ten.  The Law is perfect, converting the soul, the “song-writer” wrote.  When the psalmist wrote those words, he knew he was not speaking about the law of Moses but the Law of God.

When Christ was here, He mentioned “giving a new law”, which was nothing but expounding the Law of His Father.  He did not come to “change” or do away with God’s Law because this would be impossible.  It would be so impossible He proved it by His death.  Why would He, you or anyone die for what can be changed?  Just change it, if it is possible, but we know for a fact, God’s Law, the Ten Commandments can never be changed.

Now, what I will say will be a very sobering point:  If you have a problem with the Ten Commandments, you won’t have to worry about them in heaven, because you won’t be there!

March 29, 2017