Can you imagine if after the Flood Noah continued to give the same message which was given to him, BEFORE the Flood, to give to the people AFTER the Flood!  How significant, meaningful would be that message?  How would that message relate for today?  Oh, while it is certain there is a great tragedy which will befall the earth, that part the message is similar, but the “present truth” then is not the “present truth” now and this is key for being prepared and having our salvation assured.

Listening to people, reading posts and interesting myself in other faiths and their doctrines, sadly, many have missed the point.  They’re still preaching “former” truth but not the “present” truth.  The “former” truth is good, no doubt, but God is preparing a people for a coming event, with “present” truth which will protect and spare people from harm, and we need to get passed the “former” and concentrate on the “present”, the “last message”, if you will.  The “former” truth or message: “Jesus came and died for you because He loves you”, is all good, but there has been a progression since then.

In the book of Revelation, the world is given messages, via angels, who are the messengers of God, to give the world the pertinent messages for these last days.  In essence, Rev. 14 enumerates who they are and what it was they were to give to mankind:

First Angel – Judgment has come so worship God

Second Angel – The false church is being determined by the improper worship of God

Third Angel – Keep the Commandments of God, more specifically, remember the seventh day Sabbath by worshiping properly

While they are progressive, meaning they occurred in these steps, another angel follows in Rev. 18, we’ll call the,

Fourth Angel – Come out of the false church which you now have proof “because” of false worship

We’re presently, the “present truth” for today, which should be preached from each and every pulpit of God, especially those churches which meet on the counterfeit sabbath, Sunday, should be to “Keep God’s Commandments, and worship on the Seventh day Sabbath.  If this message is not preached, when it comes time for the fourth angel, the distinction will not be made and the people will not “come out” of the false churches which worship on Sunday.

The Bible is clear.  Jesus already made His claim when He said, “Other sheep I have which are not of this fold.”  What He meant was clearly, “I have people who are still worshiping on Sunday, the false and counterfeit sabbath, which need to hear this and will ‘come out’ of the false belief and into the truth.”

For sure, God loved the world, sent His Son, who died for our sins, but that is not the total message.  In fact, this message cannot save you, but it should be the motivation.  Why would God bother to give “present”, meaning, pertinent messages for “our” time IF they were not significant, meaning life or death?  Let’s make a sober point:  Most people believe and are looking “forward” to a time of God’s Judgment.  They’re taught and actually believe they will stand before God to be judged.  WRONG!  The Bible makes it clear you and I will be judged BEFORE Christ arrive.  How can Christ come and in a “moment and in a twinkling of an eye” have people changed into immortality if there is a “future” judgment?  My friends, judgment is taking place, right now, as indicated by the first angel’s message which has already gone out to the world.  The second angel’s message has already been given and we’re currently in the third angel’s time when the true church of God, the Remnant, are sharing, preaching, debating, discussing, living before others the “true” Seventh day Sabbath, which has to still be given with more power, the “Latter Rain”, just before the fourth angel gives his most powerful message to come out of the false church, or those who worship on Sunday!  THIS IS PRESENT MESSAGE FOR OUR TIME!  “Jesus loves me this I know” is a sweet message but it is not the “present message” because it has already gone forth.

What I have just given you is the “Third Angel’s Message” which is my total job and ministry to others.

Catch up while there is still time!


May 20, 2015


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