Many of you who know their Bible are quite aware of the “Great Deception”.  It has taken the whole “Christian” world, and you know what it is.  Sunday-worship.  However, what they enemy has done, of recent, has now created the “Great Distraction” to keep us from the focus we need, and this is for ourselves.  We may consider it responsible, valiant, civil and even, yes, “Christian”, to focus on the recent events involving the shooting, the “illegal” and “approved” shootings of young black men but this, my friends, is not one of “the” plagues spoken in Scripture, nor is it a “new” thing, but something which is causing a multitude of you to be “distracted” from what is most important:  “your salvation”.

Let me ask the question:  “These people who are being killed, are they Christian or not?”  Some may question me, “Does it matter?”  I would answer, “Yes, it does!”  For you see, if they are “saved” then this is persecution and should be expected.  If they are not “saved” and part of the household of God, then they were lost already because they were satan’s and he had every right to take them, when he wanted and however method he wanted to do so.  While too many are focusing on this as a “black and white” issue, I don’t see this as such at all.  I see this as a “sin” issue which just happens to be utilizing a racial aspect to take us off our game, our focus which is more important, and this is the continual preparation to receive the soon coming of Christ.  And if this falls short, the enemy has already prepared something else to attract your attention.

A brother once advised me when I mentioned being fearful of Islam and the danger they present that being “sealed” meant not having to worry, I suggest the same thing to those of you who are black and living in Tulsa, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio and the various other places which have been in the news of late.  Which one of these individuals has it been noted and broadcasted they were Sabbathkeepers and had accepted the Lord?  Which news source did you turn on and it was reported they were coming from or headed to their local Seventh Day Adventist Church?  Which newsworthy source mentioned either one was recently baptized and serving in their local church?  Who are they then?  Who are you?  The focus should be on YOU, not the sociological group man has placed you within because God has obviously called you, “His” and you have nothing to fear from whatever demonic controlled police officer who has drawn a bead on you because of the color of your skin.

Too many of you are caught up on whether somebody kneels or stands because of a flag and music being played.  Remember three Hebrews during the time of Babylon.  They paid no attention either and except it had been for Christ, they’d been burnt to a crisp, but not even the smell of smoke was upon their clothing.  That flag and song has nothing to do with me.  Even better, the demonically filled and originated “sport” which so many of you have completely lost your mind in following.  So, stop focusing on what the devil is doing and what God has continually been doing for you.  Now, when the day comes and one of you listed on my Facebook page becomes a target and taken out, my only response would have been either, “That brother was ready” or “Sorry to hear but he had an opportunity”.  News ain’t new when it comes to people being killed.  And if you’re living in the right way, you have nothing to worry or be concerned about.


September 24, 2016