We’re, those who know the truth regarding end times, will be put on the spot as Elijah on Mt. Carmel, doing a face-off with the prophets of Baal.  It needs to be understood those prophets believed in their god(s).  They believed they were correct and was willing to be put to the challenge, by Elijah, in proving their faith superior and proper as opposed to Elijah’s.  It didn’t matter what one man said when there was a whole convention of men stating the same thing, believing the same thing, resolved in accomplishing the same thing:  beating Elijah.  But Elijah withstood the test.  You know the story.

The comparison can be drawn regarding those who keep the Sabbath as opposed to those who don’t.  Every facet of the story is true.  One group standing against a multitude of groups.  One who believes in the true God by the demonstration of their worship as opposed to the multitude who “believe” they worship God by the example of their attending on a day not given by God to do so and just as the prophets of Baal were deluded into thinking they were correct, so are the prophets of the “sungod” who worship and attempt to keep Sun-day holy.

The end result will be the same.  Elijah’s response, as stated in Scripture, was to kill those who led Israel astray.  God will kill those who were led astray by Satan, for it will be proven they never worshipped God at all, but served the one who hated God, who said God’s Laws were unjust, could never be kept.  Do we have people like this today who claim the 10 Commandments are unjust, have ended (at the cross) and could never have been kept?  A strong word I will state now, “these ‘hated’ God by their actions, but not necessary by their feelings.”  In other words, they were “deluded”.

The Bible states, by Paul, that prior to the coming of Christ, and after his own time had ended, there would come a delusion, which God will permit, because it will separate those who are God from those who are not God’s.  The belief Sunday is God’s day, God’s “chosen” day of worship is this great delusion, and the Bible also states, “God will allow them, or, give them to do this.”

My Friends, if you are trying to worship and keep Sunday as your day for corporate worship, which means, “church gathering and fellowship” as opposed to doing it the day before, on Saturday, which is the true Sabbath of God, then there can be no other words to describe your present state:  you are DELUDED.

But, it doesn’t have to be.  You can make the change, today, to come over onto God’s side and leave those “prophets of Baal” alone.  We’re, God and us, are waiting for you.

Please come, before it is too late.


September 17, 2014


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