For four years, those of us who were in the sixties know what it was to be glued to our sets for another episode of, “The Fugitive”.  I can tell you this and those who know will admit it, even if the last show of the series when he’d find and deal with the one-armed man who killed his wife, was on the Sabbath, well, there would have been a whole lot of repentance going on!  This was a time before streaming was more than having to do with water, and uploads and downloads were terms not even used.  This was a time the words: “cassettes, BHS and VHS” weren’t coined, and there was no way anybody was going to wait for “reruns”, not on a show this good.

Dr. Richard Kimble was suspected of being the killer of his wife, so he was running from the law trying to capture him while he was investigating the true killer and trying to capture him.  Week after week of emotional building and intrigue and finally at the end of 120 episodes the good doctor got his name cleared.

I wonder how many of you know about being a fugitive?  I know what it means.  I have been wanted, um, several times, by varying law agencies.  It had gotten so I was refused bail because they knew based on my history, I’m gonna run.  The many times I was released from one jurisdiction only to be handed over to another and then transported to answer not only for the crime but the running!  I remember a humorous moment when in front of a judge she said, “Is this the guy who we always sort of known where he was, who was sending us checks for restitution!”  I got an easy sentence on that one.  She gave me two years but made it “time served” for the three days I was in her jail waiting to see her.  I had been on the run more than about the same amount of time had I been sentenced originally and would have been getting out.

So, yes, I know what it means to have people looking for you.  You are a fugitive, too, if you really are honest with yourself.  Who is after you?  Well, the devil, for one, has been on your case all your life.  There were times when you ran after him, well, maybe too much time, but he’s been after you even more.  Then, God has been after you, too!  Each one of them had a warrant to serve but you dodged, hid away and hoped to get some time when you could just be in peace.  Anybody who has ever run know what it means to finally have peace and able to stop running.

Here’s a newsflash for the devil:  “You keep chasing me.  You’re going to chase me all the way to the gates of heaven, but you won’t be able to get in!”  He sort of knows this, too, so this is why he’s coming after you harder than ever before.

Friends, stop running from God and give up.  The sentence He has planned for you will be for “life”.  Now, His “life” sentence is much more pleasant than the death penalty the enemy wants you to receive.


May 15, 2016