…Won’t you come in?  It’s good to see you, how have you been?  When was the last time, you came this way?  I have a feeling, you’re gonna stay.”  The lyrics are from a song entitled, “The Door is Open” sung by one of my favorite Japanese jazz groups, Hiroshima.  I often think about my experience about how “the door” remained opened despite the many years I walked outside, never thinking to return.

I’m grateful.  Let me say this again, “I’m grateful”.  I’m grateful to have been born in a family where both sides of the family were Adventist.  I’m third generation from either side, and I’m very, very grateful.  Although I left in my early 20’s, pastored in other churches, then fell into addiction, I was able to make it back to what I KNOW is the truth, and I found the “door opened” to yet receive me, the second time.  One thing needs to be made clear, and this goes for every Adventist:  you cannot stake any claim to your Adventism as a result of your parentage.  This is something you have to make a decision for yourself.  Having been in and out the door, there is nothing today which could shake me loose for I know it is truly God’s Church, God’s “remnant” church as prophesied for these last days, given a message none other was given, because it holds a sober and somber message.

There are many of you who are not a part of this great body of believers but you have heard the message.  It is a message unspoken, unheard of where you fellowship and it makes me wonder why you have not sought the door where you are presently and found the right door where the message of Christ’s return is imminent?  How the character of God Himself, as portrayed in the Laws of His Ten Commandments, will be used as the standard of judgment whereby all men must be measured is not preached from those pulpits.  Even in school one was given all they needed in order to be able to pass the final exam, but there is another up ahead, not too long now, and many will fail this examination because somebody lied to you and told you it didn’t matter the answers you put down!  In fact, they told you you could show up whenever you wanted to take the test, not necessary to study, because according to someone else, the test was unfair and done away with, but if you come, you’ll be okay!

Like the Ark which safely carried God’s few chosen people, a remnant for that time, safely through a time of tribulation, the door was shut against those who would not listen.  I don’t know how much longer the door I’m speaking about will be available for those of you who haven’t come on in.  But, I have a feeling, this strong feeling because of your eventual realizing you may just be coming up short for this Final Exam of all Exams, you need to come on in.  And, I can assure you, it will be good to see you and hoping you will stay.  Come on while the “Door is Open”.


October 31, 2014


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