I had been given the keys to a brand new car and wanted to take it out for a road test.  While driving, I noticed on the speedometer so many different gradients which I had not tried, so I decided to open up those cylinders, “press the pedal to the metal” as they say, and see how fast it could go before I feared taking it pass the point of no return.  In doing so there appeared a police car behind me, flashing his lights and sounding the siren.  I pulled over and was asked did I know why I was stopped, while handing my registration and license.  I indicated I did not.  I was told about a “speed limit” law which apparently I had broken.  He wouldn’t hear of any reasoning so within hours he and I stood before the judge.  The judged heard the accusation, looked at me and then at the officer and queried the officer, “Why did you stop this man?”  The officer answered, “He broke the law.”  The judge then admonished the officer, “Officer, aren’t you aware Mr. Martin is not under any law?”  I then asked the judge, “Your honor, based upon your statement, could I have grace to proceed?”  The judge looked at me quizzically and corrected me by saying, “Young man, without the law there is no need of grace.”  I thanked the judge, smacked the officer upside his head and then I proceeded to your house where I know is some good stuff.

When I got to your home, I backed my car, opened the doors and trunk, smashed your door in, took your stereo, microwave oven, laptop, and noticed some spare change and jewelry.  Your high-definition flat screen television just barely fit into the trunk but I was able to move some stuff around and it seem to fall right into place.  What I hadn’t know was you had an alarm installed which silently notified the local police who arrived and, “yep”, there I am again, in front of the same judge.  “Officers, why is this man in my court again?”  They gave a litany of the items, of yours, which they found in my possession.  I was being charged with “breaking and entering”, “felony trespassing”, “receiving of stolen property”, and they threw in, the complete “disregard of other’s property”.  The judge looked at me, shook his head disgustingly, and said to me, “You’re free to go!”  Then he spoke rather harshly to the officers, “Take the cuffs off that man.  Aren’t you aware Mr. Martin is not under any law?”  I knew, this time, not to bother asking for grace, because as the judge said previously, “Without the law there is no need of grace.”

Many churches, preachers and members are like this judge believing and teaching the same concept:  “Without the law…but they throw in this errant belief…there is grace.”  Grace is defined by Webster as:

“unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification”

The next question would naturally be, what is sanctification?  The short answer is:  “to free from sin”

Now, what is sin?  Answer:  “transgression of the Law of God”.

Soooo, “grace” is tied with “law”!

No wonder the judge mentioned if there was no law then there is no need for grace.  And if there is no sin, and I don’t have to look forward to grace, then I can pretty much do what I want to do without consequences.

This, sadly, is the religion of today.  If you don’t believe me, then answer this question:  “Do you keep God’s Law?”  If you answered, “You’re not under its obligation”, well, let’s just say if you are attempting to break into my house and steal my stuff, I can assure you there is nobody named “grace” here waiting for you, too.  I have two of my best friends, “Smith and Wesson” who will gladly accommodate you!


August 22, 2016