The worship service of the Jewish nation was unequalled among anything seen upon the face of the earth.  The very real presence of God, the “Shekinah” was seen.  Whatever emotion was felt within the heart of the people was real.  Whatever conviction taking place to remove people from the true disgust of sin, was real.  This whole experience was again illustrated and quite vividly by what took place on Mt. Carmel with Elijah and the prophets of Baal.  God’s service is real, with real fire, instilling His continued presence and participation among man—until, the day the lights went out.

When Christ was raised on the cross, between Heaven and Earth, God in His mercy caused a darkness to pass between Himself and His Son, blocking the vision of man.  We’re told the worship of the High Priest during the Passover was now meaningless.  What it represented had now reached fulfillment and their continued worship in the way which they were privileged to know, and do, was no longer valid.  It would now remain only a form and not an actual.  No longer would God recognize what they did but only what they would do from this point on.

Such typifies the Christian worship.

For many years, about the same as the Jewish, Christians have worshipped in a manner handed down to them, and like the Jewish Dispensation, it became tainted.  Customs and traditions have entered; however, God in His great love for man still kept the light on because there the sincere and trusting of His people would come offering their best sacrifice, of themselves, to the cause and worship of God.  However, what took place in their (Jewish) dispensation of time will take place in the Christian dispensation, for God will, too, have a day the lights will have gone out, and their worship will take on just what it has been, customs and tradition, a “form” without the power.

Soon, my friends, the world will be shown how God’s Ten Commandments, more specifically the Fourth which imparts to a dying world, the true worship of God.  Just as Elijah stood on that mountain with evidence of God, the “Elijah” of today, will demonstrate to the world the true worship which God demands of His people.  God’s people who walk with Him today, in ignorance held locked within the confines of tradition and customs, will see quite clearly, because the light will go on, the purpose of the true seventh day Sabbath (Saturday) and see the darkness of the false day of worship (Sunday).  And it will be the choice of the people, you and I, who will then determine whether we ourselves will be instrumental in pulling the plug and causing further darkness to appear upon our relationship with God or will we choose to walk in the light given?

Like during the time of Egypt and the Children of Israel, waiting before the great sea to decide what they would do.  Egypt was held in darkness by the same Cloud which brought light to Israel.  Israel could see, because of the light, how the water of the sea was being swept back and a path made clear.  Later, Egypt would see the result of the light, but not the light itself, and when they tried to enter into the path, it was too late, for they all died.

Will you, too, enter the path too late?  Will you remain in the darkness of customs and traditions or will you follow God’s Word which is found in the Ten Commandments.  As Christ so aptly said, “Work while it is day, for night cometh and no man can work (worship)!”


August 24, 2015