Jesus said,

“But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” Matt 15:9 (KJV)

What I would like to do, for this post, is to enumerate what some of the man-made commandments are so there is no confusion, and you will be able to see HOW the first part of the verse, “but in vain they do worship me…” takes place.  Now, for some, this may appear as an attack upon your faith, or church, but be that as it may, it doesn’t change what is Truth.  Now, let’s move forward and list some of these “commandments of men”:

Thou shalt worship me on Sunday, the first day of the week and not on the true Sabbath, Saturday.

Thou shalt be able to eat anything you want believing in the lie all things God has made is good to be eaten.

Thou shalt go directly to heaven when you die.

Thou shalt speak in tongues as evidence you are filled with the Holy Spirit during your weekly services.

Thou shalt dance and trip over your own feet when in service, at the sound of the music.

Thou shalt not have to read and study your Bible but gain all knowledge from your pastors and priests.

Thou shalt only believe in your heart and you are saved without having done good works.

Thou shalt believe in Mary and the Saints, offering prayer and trust to the church to give you eternal life.

Thou shalt wear what you want, speak as you wish and live content in your sins and God will love you and save you as you are.

Thou shalt believe all the Commandments of God have been fulfilled at the cross and no longer binding upon man.

These are the “commandments of men” which makes your worship “vain and void”, meaning, worthless!

I didn’t say it.  Jesus did.

Now, what will you believe?  However you believe will indicate what you will do.


March 16, 2015


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