We’re familiar with the old classic.  Just a few lyrics will set the tone for this post:

“The closer I get To You, The more you’ll make me see.”

I need to stop at this point because it’s really about a love song and I wish to use it for Christian purposes.  Oh wait?  You mean a song about “love” cannot be applied to Christianity?  Doesn’t it seem that way?

Think about it.  I posted something regarding a Christian theme and before a dear friend from school would comment, felt it necessary to set clear her reasons for commenting, not wanting to offend.  How many of us while conversing with someone with a differing belief either approach them apologetically or not caring?  We listen to what they say for the purpose of interjecting our belief? Not really hearing them at all!  In fact, and I can admit doing this, when noticing Jehovah’s Witnesses canvassing several doors away will put off running an errand just to have a chance to do “battle” with them!  Wanting to try out the latest reasoning, having gotten a new book opening up the errors of their belief?  It’s how I “used” to be.  Now, I just close the door.  They have learned to move along.

Another friend responded to one of my posts which resulted in a discussion which could have ended badly except for a little effort, on my part, a dismissal of feelings and emotion perhaps felt by him, but the choice was mine to salvage what was salvageable and move on.  And this individual is supposedly in the same camp!


I can say without reservation, “Thank the Lord Jesus has not returned—yet!”  He’d come finding His Church is such disarray, with an idea of what “love” is but not practiced, understood or fulfilled.  “I’m against you not because of who you are but what you believe”, when it should the opposite, “I’m not against what you believe because of who you are!  I love you.”  And it is because of THIS love we’re able to be civil, kind, courteous, respectful, patient, endearing, something about “gifts of the Spirit” being a part of our walk, not just our walk because for certain, many have walked away from us because of another spirit which seem to have taken residence and we’ve mistaken the lies we’re being told, and believe, as “faith”!

I’m not sure what the answer is, but the next part of the song’s lyrics,

“By giving me all you got, Your love has captured me”

If we apply those words to Christ, does have relevance.  Now, if ONLY we can apply them to ourselves!


March 17, 2015


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