Is under attack!

This should come as no surprise because the enemy will not waste his time in going after a world, when he has them already.  He wants those who are his utmost enemies, his severest critics and the ones who continually appeal to those who are his, to join with them.

The Church of Christ has taken on many attacks and changes over the years.  In fact, there are those who actually call themselves “The Church of Christ” when they do not do what Christ’s tells us to do.  No matter how far I stretch out my arms and run down a runway, I will not take off because I am not an airplane, no matter how much I might believe I am.  There is more to it than just by identifying one’s self by a name.

Now, I will not go through history to outline the attacks against Christ’s Church since He left it in the hands of men called “Apostles”.  As according to Scripture, Christ’s Church would eventually become corrupted!  You think it is not possible?  Revisit Revelations 2 and 3 and see how Christ Himself criticizes His own church for the many failures they would have and also of the attacks which would come from the enemy, Satan himself!  Membership, while it comes with its privileges also comes with its disadvantages!

But alas, something would occur toward the end of time with Christ’s Church.  It would rise above its problems from the external and would begin to receive attacks internally!  This is what is happening today.  Study the Laodicean Church and see for yourself how they become complacent and believe there is nothing wrong with them, unable to see their true condition.  What worked in the previous centuries, receiving and believing false doctrine like people going to heaven immediately upon their death called, “Home Going”, to Sunday as being the “Lord’s Day”, which it never was, to the belief man can eat anything and everything, “supposedly giving thanks”!  The sophistry, the lies, of Satan, have become commonplace in our churches, but what of God’s Remnant Church?  This is my concern today.

When I first joined Facebook, as I was coming through the door a brother was closing that same door and I heard his words, “I’ve never seen so much disagreement in the Adventist church as I see today.  I got to get out of these groups.”  I was naive because I hadn’t been in a group until a little more than a year ago, and what I’ve discovered since taking an active role amazes me and frightens me at the same time!

There is so much disagreement between members who call themselves, “Adventist”.  Now, while I’m not surprised we’re being attacked unlike any other denomination, what I am surprised is how many differing beliefs there are, inaccurate, controversy along racial, regional lines.  Africans blaming Americans, Americans blaming Americans, confusing regarding end-time events, supposed “new light” diffusing itself when it should be refusing to adopt, and we attend our various churches on Sabbath thinking everything is alright with the world!

We’re in trouble!  You have those who call the GC apostate.  Some have left to form offshoots like the “Reformed SDA Church” they having their own GC!  My Friends, God’s Church, God’s Remnant Church, will stand in spite of us.  God has always worked through His church no matter the difficult times and attacks and will continue to do so until He comes.  THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO ATTACK WHICH WAS ORDAINED, BY GOD!  If “you” have a problem with “tithing”, or “women’s ordination”, or “clothing & modesty”, or “homosexuality”, or whatever else which seem to be plaguing the church, here’s a newsflash for you:  IT ONLY MEANS WE’RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK!  If these things were not happening, it would mean we’re safely in the arms of Satan and there is no need to attack further.  The fact I have seeming greater problems than the average means I’m living for Christ!  I don’t want peace and safety at the expense of my soul salvation.  C’mon, continue to attack me, because it demonstrates I’m doing what is right and in keeping with what God requires of me, BUT, I shall never leave what God has ordained as His presence upon Earth, the Church, more specifically, the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Sorry, that wolf can blow down the houses of all else, but the one I belong is more than brick, for it is founded upon a Rock called Christ.  And, it shall stand.


October 15, 2014


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