While there are many, too many, who struggle with the belief three days could be contained in 40 hours, because they’re too busy trying to fit 72 into 40, I have learned to accept 40 and all it means.

While it has come to mean trials and problems, it also represents victory and renewal.  The first time we come across forty, in Scripture, the world as we know it was being destroyed so it could be renewed.  Bypassing many other Scriptural 40’s, we come to the time of Christ death, 40 hours having been destroyed and then gloriously renewed, and from there 40 days before He would leave us to make us aware He will come again to destroy our home but it will be renewed—again, for those who are victorious.

The blessed forty.

There is a turning point in our lives when we have reached forty years.  It is considered the time when we have reached full adulthood.  It is a time when life takes on a particular meaning not otherwise gotten earlier, which prepares us for the golden years later, and whether they will be lived in peace or struggle.  It is also a time when careers are made stabled, families are more grounded, the link between those before us and now those behind us.

Christ had a reason of establishing 40 hours for the time of His death and not 72 as others might wish to determine.  So, they get stuck in the little things.  Some having Him die on Wednesday, Thursday or other such time, forgetting Truth.  Some have even touted the belief of Him dying on Friday is a “Catholic” thing and corrupting Scripture given for our salvation! Yet, there is nowhere in Scripture where I can see where 72 is a number chosen of any importance.  Even in Islam the number 40 has special significance!  So, there must be something to it.

The point of this post?

When we read Scripture, there is a context which is gotten when it is read properly and conjointly fitting with other Scripture, in an order which should not be broken, for when it is done otherwise, then all of these other beliefs, corrupt beliefs enter and confusion is the result.

I’ve long passed my “first” forty years of life as I work toward my second.  But, can you imagine what it will be like, those first 40 minutes in Heaven!  Then 40 hours, 40 days, 40 weeks, 40 months, 40 years, ad infinitum…


February 19, 2016