In my mind’s eye, I keep having this thought, actually, it’s more visual than a thought but it now needs to be written and shared.  It is when New Jerusalem has come down and surrounded by those who are raised in the second resurrection.  Because of the transparency of the walls, we’re able to see out while those who were not saved are able to see in, to see what they’ve missed, we who are standing within the security of the walls are able to see family, friends and others we’ve taken effort to witness who chose to not adhere to that witness will for a time look into the eyes of those and two things will transpire: (1) Because of our having gone over the books know full well why they were not saved, and (2) Those not saved will remember each and every effort made on their behalf, recognized, too, it has all be revealed about their lives and seeing the glory of how we’re living and realizing it could have been theirs, will look at us with mixed emotions: sorrow, disappointment, envy and finally hatred.  It’s the look which takes place lasting only a moment but with enough said between the two, and for as long as it takes for that look to take place between one saved soul to all the ones experienced in this life, time will be given so there is no doubt within the minds of both camps and the “Executive Judgment” can commence with a finality.

Oh, what a day this will be.

After having spent a millennium visiting other planets, worshiping in the Holy City, conversing with the ancients, asking questions to those who lived before us, meeting family members and tracing our progeny, conversing with angels and being asked questions by those of the other worlds who had a particular interest in our travels, the contrast of seeing those who didn’t make it will be a profound experience unequaled by anything before.  Not only will it be realized by those lost how easily they might have shared in this wonderful experience, we, those who are saved will realized how easily it might have been for us to be on the outside!  Nothing is taken for granted.  We would have gone over events in our own lives and some of us will see that turning point which made the difference, which put us on the side which carried us through no matter the difficulty.  To see that person who made the difference.  To see that pastor, evangelist, friend who witnessed to us which began the process of our salvation brings us closer together in a knit fabric of appreciation.  To realize those individuals, those brothers and sisters we toddled with, went through the various levels of Sabbath School, church school and fellowships formed have all gone to make us the individuals we are today.  To acknowledge those parents, grandparents or other guardians who saw to it despite our arguments we WOULD BE GOING to church without fail.  All of these thoughts will go through our minds as we stand on the inside of those walls recognizing how blessed we are to have made it, to live for eternity in happiness and a continued existence, to have seen Jesus and to know Him as we are known.

To see the first lightened sphere of fire mixed with brimstone hit upon the earth, breaking into pieces and like splashed water spill upon those outside the walls.  To see their distracted faces and look bounce between us and what is now occurring to them.  To hear the wails and screams, the final recognition what was told them was true.  It was true and all they had to do was simply put away their own false beliefs, desires and lusts and now they see it would have been worth it, just as those on the inside can account it truly was.  And, to see them cast that last glance, in agony, eyes locking with eyes in that last moment of existence, forever more lost…

That look.


March 15, 2015


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