When I study and read about the Jews how they had all this knowledge given them yet, according to Isaiah, and now we know it to be true, they rejected Christ when He was here.  Having eyes, yet they could not see.  Having ears, yet they could not hear.  As a result, the blessing was removed from them as a “body”, not necessarily individuals, but as a “body”, a “church”.  God would later transfer the blessing offered them and given to those who were first not accounted worthy, the Gentiles, from which you and I are a part.  I also found this interesting:  the Jews who were first given the preeminence of being chosen God’s people, given the message, later had the opportunity of receiving the message, first, from those it would be given because of their rejection, and they rejected it still.

What was then is now again happening!

God’s Church would become corrupted, as told by Christ in the 2nd and 3rd chapter of Revelation.  We also learn God would bring about another church, His “remnant”, (last) church for the endtime, and this group would be later called the, “Seventh Day Adventist Church”.  Now, not to take away from other churches and faiths, but I need to admit something and make it very clear:  I am sooo thankful to have been given the privilege, the opportunity to be a member of this last church of God.

There was a time when I was not satisfied and left.  I became a Missionary Baptist and later became a member of the Church of God in Christ, but not satisfied—still with the lack of what I came to know as the message of God, it can be truly said of them, “Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof”, I had to return to my roots and I am there to stay.

We are at a time from the Jewish faith we can take for an example.  Many of us will have eyes but will not be able to see.  Ears, and not be able to hear the truth given to God’s remnant church, and because we have not had the “thankfulness”, the appreciation and knowledge we ARE God’s last day church for this time, given a message none other have been given, but not for ourselves but to give to everyone who would listen, this is not the time to abandon ship because there are certain things which falls in your disfavor.  Certainly, we will see many things of this nature, but the point we should be more fearful is to fall into God’s disfavor!  If you search the Scriptures, you will not find another church established by God before Christ’s return.  THIS IS IT!  There is no other one coming.  We do not have to ask the Messiah, like John the Baptist did, “Are you He or should we expect another.”

So, be thankful God has seen fit to call you into this church, because there is one who is wanting to call you out of it!


February 5, 2016