There is much confusion with many about the proper place of God’s Law, the Ten Commandments.  When one reads Romans 7, you begin to either become comfortable with it or absolutely confused because in one place it makes it seem it is a bad thing, something we could never live up to, and yet in another place it says it is “holy” and “good”.  So, which is it?

For one, one must remember the author, Paul.  You have to remember he was a Jew—first, Christian—second.  As a Jew becoming a Christian, Judeo-Christian, he will not be confused as to what constitutes the “law” or “Law”.  There are two distinct differences, and if you cannot get this in your mind, you will forever be lost in understanding Scripture.

There is God’s Law which consists of ONLY 10 Commandments, written by God’s finger, kept inside the Ark of the Covenant.  Then, there is what is called the Mosaic Law, which was told to Moses, who wrote it by the dictation of God, kept alongside the Ark of the Covenant.  The tables of the Ten Commandments were written in stone which represents perpetual whereas the Mosaic Law was written on papyrus, which represents temporary.  One would eventually end where the other would last eternally.  One would indicate what one should do, the other would tell you what you must do when you have broken one of the Ten Commandments, to be in a right relationship with God.  Since the time of Christ, we no longer need the ‘laws’ regarding sacrifice because Christ took care of that, so we now use Christ as our method of reconciling ourselves, our Mediator, between us and God.  So, today when I break one of the Ten Commandments, instead of sacrificing an innocent lamb, the Innocent Lamb of God, Christ, stands in my place.  It is just that easy.

The Ten Commandments are indicative what one does who is alive, vibrant, serving God because they do it out of love, which is the only way the Commandments of God can be kept.  If I want to see if I am in the right place, having favor with God, all I need to do is to look into the mirror (Ten Commandments) and see my reflection with those ten words to see if I am doing okay, and where I am falling short.  Am I treating my fellowman correctly?  Well, how would I go about that?  I don’t want to lie to him, or take what he has, or abuse my parents, etc.  How would I know if I am in proper relationship with God?  I won’t have any other before Him.  I will honor His name and worship how He has instructed me.

Now, there are too many of you who don’t like the Ten Commandments and are under the belief in order to live happily we can just make changes to it, at will, or simply do away with it altogether, and yet still be compliant in serving God!  Does this really work?  Nope, I’m afraid not.  If it were that simple, to do away with it, then there would have been no need for Christ to die.  Think about it, if you are in court for having broken any particular law, and you can tell the judge, “Your Honor, I decided that law was not good and no longer applied to me!”  Do you think the judge would agree and set you free from its obligation?  He would look at you as if you have lost your mind.  With God, it is similar.  He looks at you as in danger of losing your soul salvation.  He has placed these laws for our benefit, not to hurt us.  They are as a guide to show us what we should do toward Him and toward each other.

So, utilize the mirror God has given, for He has not given any other.


November 22, 2016