In my life I have come across pastors who hadn’t had much but saw my pain, my distraught life and felt compelled within their heart to provide for my need while caught up in the life of addiction.  In fact, I will mentioned their names publicly as a method to demonstrate true Christian service and to offer “thanks”.  The first was Pastor Trevor O’Reggio and the second, Pastor Mike McCabe.  Each of these men provided money and food to keep me going.  These were truly servants of God, His blessing, to me.

Today, now ministers ask their congregants for money!  The recent scandal about Creflo Dollar has me sitting back waiting to hear the “spin” which will be put upon this media attempt for publicity.  When I moved to New York in the mid-70’s, there was a minister by the name:  Rev. Moneymaker!  I think it would be a just warning to everyone to avoid anyone calling themselves, “ministers” who have monikers such as these.  Haven’t they learned from the 80’s with men like Oral Roberts whose sin could be characterized by his first name and Jimmy Baker who sold the ministry for some half-baked scheme of his own!

While I believe it is nice and fitting for ministry to take to the airwaves, and pleasant for me to be able to attend “electronic church” especially living nine thousand miles away from home, churches such as Berean, West End, to name a few, satan would have his own counterfeit churches, these mega-churches of scammers, TD Snake, er, Jakes, Joel Goldstein, er Olstein, and others.  I wonder how many of these so-called ministers of the Gospel would show up to your door offering to take you to the local supermarket, or with a bag of groceries, providing your next week’s rent?  Yet, too, I see many of you posting quotes from these hucksters.  Oh, sure, anyone can have a good word but these words are worthless unless they’re followed by deeds.  I believe James said something along those lines.

The greatest Evangelist there ever was had a simple name.  It was “Jesus”.  This faithful Servant walked or rode a donkey.  He had the ability to fly, and did so, when He had an appointment in Heaven.  He had the ability to feed more people with a few groceries than anyone I’ve ever known.  He also had a medical ministry which far exceeds any today.  His ability to get out the word He was coming to a city without the use of airwaves was unmatchable even today.  I’m told “whole” villages and cities were healed and anyone who sought His presence merely had to come or He’d send word whatever problem they had had been taken care of.  He was just that kind of minister.  An example for anyone who claim to carry His name should have.  Yet, nowhere to lay His head, at night.  I wonder where the heads of these so-called preachers will lay their heads tonight.

Blessings!  Some of you will debate with me, these scoundrels are blessed, but the retort could easily be answered, “satan blesses his own, too.”  And, he does.  Why not?  So many of you are flocking to his worship services on Sunday and he has to hold your interest.  He does this in order to keep you from the truth, just as these so-called “men of God” are doing today, “keeping you from the truth”.

But, it won’t last much longer.  Soon, you will be looking at the soles of the feet of the true church of God’s people as they’re being lifted to meet the Savior in the sky.  You keep your “dollars” and “moneymakers” and “Jakes” and “Olsteins” and lets see how far that will get you!


March 16, 2015


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