I often encounter people who believe technology is driving us away from real social interaction.  I disagree.  A young lady I spoke with today has trouble with the concept she could be “liked” and considered “special” because of meeting someone over an app.  What’s the difference?  Interaction is interaction; however, technology does have its purpose, too!

Let’s supposed things were a little reversed and hypothetically technology was so advanced BEFORE our time.  Instead God gave Moses two tablets, but they weren’t stone.  He, God, used His own finger to type in the Ten Commandments or used a stylus.  Let’s supposed when Moses got back to the people, those who didn’t have WiFi access brought their USB flash drives to get a copy to take back to their home.  And then someone comes along and suggests we should leave our gadgets in our tents and meet in public places, interacting without digital means, stepping from the virtual and into reality, we’d thought that person nuts.  It’s all the same folks.

I think technology has a wonderful purpose and we’re only touching upon it now.  People stay more in contact than they’ve ever done.  We’re accessing so much more in terms of materials like books and music.  Video capabilities have caused many who would not have heard and seen particular things to become appraised of it more readily.  How many of us carry our Bibles every day, no matter where we go?  We didn’t when it was an actual book, did we?  How many of us can look up a particular EGW reference, or some other historical writing without having to visit the library and sift through dusty, voluminous, um, books?  I’ve stopped reading those and everything I do, in terms of reading is done digitally and virtually.  How many of you have become quite the photographer and have more photos than you know what to do as compared to what you would have if you had to pay for film?  How many use that time of commuting practically and productively because of technology?  Less time is being wasted when virtual reality becomes, well, the reality!

I’m really looking forward to heaven because I think the technology we will be exposed there will be something truly amazing.  It will be, as they say, “out of this world!”


January 11, 2017