A moment ago while in the shower a thought crossed my mind.  The other day I mentioned I wondered what nominal (Sunday worshipers) teach their children about the story of the Three Hebrew Young Men and the Fiery Furnace.  Then, I begin to think about the other lessons which are in the Scriptures and what it is they share to their children.

For example, Cain and Abel.  Do they teach their children, by this story, it DOES matter what one does in their worship.  God cares nothing about our best.  He desires us to obey Him in whatever it is He has asked us to do.  Do they teach them the basis of the story is really about “worship”?

How about those Three Hebrews?  Do they teach them the truth the story is about the last days when satan, through the false church, will raise up a method of worship which is not true, and even despite the threat of death, they should do what God commanded and not what man orders, by their laws?  Do they teach them the statue Nebuchadnezzar built is really speaking about the soon coming Sunday Law?

I really wonder what they do when they come to the parts dealing with prophecy!  Do they skip over it because it is too complicated, for them, never mind their children?  Will they leave this for their “Sunday School” teacher or the pastor, which will never be done at all!  Do they set up a time, in their homes, where the children are scheduled to divide their study time between their school and whatever material for God?  I can remember always having both a Sabbath (Saturday) School lesson quarterly and a daily devotional, growing up as a child.  I don’t remember Mother requiring us to set aside time to read our Bibles, but somehow, someone did something because I did read it and completely through at the age of 11.  Some of the words were big, not understandable, and so many parts repetitious, but I intended on reading regardless and obviously since then, I’ve learned so much more, even today when I read it through, at least once a year.

Today with technology, and practically all children carry smartphones, or tablets, there is no excuse not to have a Bible app installed and used because it makes it so much more enjoyable.  Having to turn to all those chapters, even those small hidden ones like Obadiah, Ezra and Zephaniah, are soon mastered, but today they merely hit screens which brings it directly to them.  No excuse not to know one’s Bible today.

I don’t know the answer because I never had children, but I can tell you if I did what I would do.  All the many years of knowledge I have learned, they will know, and hopefully as they advanced in years they will further advance in knowledge so I would be able to sit at their feet, just as they would have sat at my feet to learn what God is saying.  Notice, “is saying”, not “had said”.  God continually brings to us new information, new and exciting present truth, if only we would take the time, right now, to listen.

What did you teach your child, today, about God and the Bible?

March 13, 2017