…These people are right.  Then what shall I do?

This was the concern which was voiced days before October 10, 1844, which later became known as the, “Great Disappointment Day”.  As I’m reading and getting a feel for the Adventist experience because of certain beliefs which are springing today, I thought it necessary to understand how all of this, how “we” came about and hopefully, prayerfully, can gauge what could happen again, or should not happen again, and how to know the difference.

While fear is a healthy aspect of life, unwarranted fear, fear which drives one to do those things without using one’s brain, well, that’s not a good thing at all.  And it seems to be, the only way to avoid falling for fervor or excitement in the unknown and making unwise decisions, one has to be solidly rooted in Truth, and this is not what I am seeing in the Adventist church, on our social networking sites.  Well, think about it, I spend more time online with you than with the members of the church I attend.  I think many of us can agree with this.  Also, there are so many varying views, differences and out-right disagreement it makes me concerned.  Now, I’m not even speaking about nominal (Sunday-worshipers) at this point, but God’s Remnant Church, the Seventh Day Adventist.  Now, I can rest somewhat behind the fact the devil is in our mix because of what we’ve been given, the potential damage we can and will do to thwart his plan against all of God’s children, so no doubt this would be an explanation but there are other facets to the same problem.

One is knowledge.  Is what was said 160 years ago accurate or what we have today accurate?  I believe in progression but when progression is the opposite or doesn’t agree with the past, then there is something wrong.  Light can become brighter as it is illuminated, but it doesn’t change colors nor does it cut off and become something unknown and still remain as light.

Two is leadership.  I’ve never been one to follow anyone or anything, but if there is questionable leadership how does one know which leader to follow and which one to avoid?  God has placed leaders within His church organization, pastors and governing heads.  However, they’re just like you and me, people filled with sin, so when does one abide or decide to not abide?

Three is steadfastness.  No doubt it can be said about nominal believers, although they’re sincere in their belief, will defend their belief, but their belief is wrong and it doesn’t matter what they believe because their belief will also be their demise.  However, this can, too, apply to us.  Just what is our beliefs?  Many of us are Seventh Day Adventist and haven’t a clue what this really means!  We have no idea of our origins and think about this, a child is influenced between 1-3 years of age and what occurs here will affect them for life and yet they will have no memory of what happened.  Our early years as a church, which most of us don’t know, will have a profound effect on our future and most of us will just be going for the ride!  So, how is it you will know when to be steadfast or not?

I think the answer is to be found in two sources:  Christ and the Bible.  Okay, sure, others have the same thing going for them, as well as they should have; however, how many are applying these two resources properly, consistently and willingly?  Friends, Jesus is soon to come, but before He does we need to get this thing called “religion” strait and determined and to know without any doubt our “calling and election” is assured.


January 29, 2015


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