Many of you, my friends from my earliest years of life to ones I’ve just now met, can see I continue to stress the importance of getting away from churches which open their doors on Sunday for worship instead of God’s true Sabbath, Saturday.  Many asks the questions, “Does it make a difference?”  “Can I not worship God every day?” “Aren’t we not under the law and under grace?”  I have only one answer for you:  “If Sunday Legislation is true then you have a problem.  If Sunday Legislation is not true, then you’re just fine.”

What is Sunday Legislation?

Let’s provide an answer from history.  In 1880’s, it was being heard in Congress various religious groups were pushing for laws which would compel people to worship on Sunday and enforced them to comply.  In fact, there are what are known as, “Sunday Blue Laws” for most states of the U.S., which are not enforced except a small part regarding the sale of alcohol.  Paramus, New Jersey, I believe, still have laws regarding shopping on Sunday.  In fact, such a law is being touted in the Philippines!

The first “Sunday Law” to take place in the United States was in the State of Virginia in 1610 which reads:  “Every man and woman shall repair [go habitually] in the morning to the divine service and sermons preached upon the Sabbath day, and in the afternoon to divine service, and catechizing [teaching the principles of Christian dogma and ethics], upon pain for the first fault to lose their provision and the allowance for the whole week following; for the second, to lose the said allowance and also be whipt; and for the third to suffer death.”  Many of you probably didn’t know this.

Interesting, isn’t it?  To think such laws existed, still do, however, at this present time, they are not enforced but they will—soon.  And when such laws are enforced, what will happen to those of us who choose to keep God’s true Sabbath (Saturday) as opposed to a Catholic institution (Sunday) which many of you keep?  Will you stand and watch them take away my ability to live for a whole week, of those who have small children and families?  Will you stand by if I should not worship on Sunday and lose my ability, again, to live for a week and suffer publicly whipped?  How about the third infraction, to receive the death penalty?  Is this fine?  My friends, this is what took place then, and since history does repeat itself, do not think for a moment it cannot take place again!  And it is the end of a long plan and the excuse they will use is this lie called “Global Warming” and “Climate Change”.  And you neighborhood friendly Roman Catholic Church is behind it all.  And unwittingly, because of your association and attendance to church on Sunday makes you an accomplice to this!

So, what’s the truth behind all of this?

You have a choice.

That’s the truth.  You have a choice.  Now that you have been made aware of what will take place, rather, what IS taking place, when you turn on your CNN, or Fox News, or read your Cleveland Plain Dealer or Washington Post, or New York Times and see how things are moving towards what I have just informed you, ask yourself, “Is this of God or is this of the devil to enforce people to worship?”

You may not believe a word I said, so, the point is simply this:  “If Sunday Legislation never takes place you don’t have to concern yourself with a word I have just written.  BUT! If you begin to see what I am telling you begin to take form, and you see where people will have to make a choice, then recognize that time so noted in the Scriptures is true.  Either you will receive the Seal of God which is worshipping God according to what He has commanded, the seventh day (Saturday) Sabbath or you will receive the Mark of the Beast which is worshipping the devil who lead man into creating another day of worship, Sunday.  Sun worship has long been a problem of God and every Sunday unknowingly when church doors open to receive you, you’re doing exactly this!

You do not know it now, but you will.  My only hope will be it won’t be too late, for you.


May 17, 2016