I came across this quotation, as I continued my morning’s devotion.  This is found in the third volume of “Testimonies to the Church”, Chapter 36, “Unity in the Church”:

“He seemed to possess a zeal to search the Scriptures and different authors, not that he might become established upon important points of present truth which the providence of God had furnished him through men of His choice, but to find a new position and to advance new views in opposition to the established faith of the body. His researches were not made for the glory of God, but to promote self.”

I’ve been on both sides of this “proverbial” coin.  In my younger years, I have friends who can attest of a library I acquired, spending thousands of dollars and proud of it.  I went through book after book, seeking that which I didn’t know or to confirm what I thought, and felt it necessary to share this newly profound “truth” at the expense of anyone who got in my way.

Today, while I don’t have the physical library anymore, I have a digital library which makes the physical one seem only to be a single bookshelf.  However, I am more than twice that age when I began acquiring “books/knowledge”, but thankfully, I’m more knowledgeable as to what to do with this information and my quest for understanding.  You see, I don’t wish to be the person in the quotation, any longer, because I’ve learned God has an established body, a Church, with administrators and ministers, personally selected, gifted, talented and anointed and any “thing” gotten which takes away from this established body is in fact a curse rather than a blessing.

Let’s be honest, those of you who might be reading this, and you know who you are, who find it necessary to, and I’ll use the word judiciously, “infect” the body with what you “think” is profound and “new” light.  You will use Mrs. White’s statement about “new light” to justify your information–yet, you failed to also cite her remarks about when this should take you from the body, the Church, then you find yourself opposed to God rather than within the good graces of His leading!  The quoted testimony is for you!  Can you accept this?

While there is a “shaking” going on in God’s Church, unfortunately many are being shaken out not by world events or what was warned but you are losing your own grip because of studying and propagating “false” doctrine, a “spurious” doctrine you think you have gotten as a result of some special delivery from Gabriel, when all along it was Satan’s messenger dressed as an “angel of light”.

Let me make this clear:  What has been given to the Adventist Movement remains valid, pointed and correct.  If you are not able to build upon this established and blessed Truth, then frankly, I’m not interested in hearing because I’m not renting space in my brain for anything which can hurt me anymore.  I’ve grown up.  I’m becoming solidified in my faith, and anything which threatens this doesn’t make me stronger to debate with you.  No, it makes me a fool for thinking I can tangle with evil and not receive some consequence, and I’m not willing to do that.

We have a great Church and we should do all we can to continue building it instead of tearing it down.  The Roman armies destroyed the last temple, the Babylonians the first.  I need neither any Roman nor Babbler to babble that which is not Truth!


October 16, 2014


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