Like a moment, a flash of inspiration, which will now result in this post, I’d like to share with you something from deep within my heart:  You cannot be afraid.

I, like many of you, have been chosen, by God, to be a witness for Him.  However, when I, like you, go over the events of our lives cannot possibly see any value within ourselves to be worthy of such an honor.  How many times have you been to prison?  How many years did you spend as a drug addict?  How many out-of-wedlock babies have you had?  Are you labeled a felon, a sex offender, a drunk, a mental health patient, a whore? As long as we continue to look at what we’ve done, we’ll never be able to see what we can do!  Those things which crowd our past created our character.  If nothing else, they’ve provided an experience, where we can see deeply, more deeply because of our sin, how precious “our” salvation really is.

NEVER allow the enemy to rehearse your past in your ears.  Never allow what you think how others see you and even might treat you, keep you from your appointed role as an ambassador for Christ.  Use what I call my “(Gen.)50/20 Eyesight” which Joseph said to his brothers when they were repentant for having sold him into slavery, “What you meant for evil, God meant it for good, for the salvation of many people.”  Look beyond your faults, your actions which are now regrettable, and push all the barriers down and like I told a church upon my return to preaching, “No matter what you call me, God calls me His son.”


August 26, 2014


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