Some of you will find this controversial.  Some of you will not understand the point I will make.  Some of you will understand because you’ve discovered this truth—already, and are doing it.  So, let me make the point:  It is time to stop clinging to the cross!

While it is important to remember what Christ did for us, paying our penalty for sin, the point regarding our salvation is still going on.  You see, Christ paid the end result, but we are still responsible for our daily activity, actions and efforts.  Daily we should be minimizing our sinful lives, so the penalty will remain paid.  Those who give up, reject Christ’s offering, or plainly just don’t believe will pay their own penalty because Christ did not pay it for them.

Now, the second point I wish to make:  There is so much “beyond” the cross where “clinging” to it will only get in the way.  Some of us are so “stuck” looking backward we are unable to look forward.  There is a thing called, “Present Truth” which goes from being “present” to being avoided, bypassed or neglected.  How many of you are hearing what is taking place in France, the United States, in Rome, the Middle East and have no clue how these are interrelated, and don’t care how they are interrelated and are under the misapprehension, and will say, “I just keep my focus on the cross.”  That’s a sad state to be in because truth be told, the cross does not save you, never saved you and won’t save you, and it was merely the point and place where the penalty was paid.  So, what are you doing today to be kept aware of “present truth”?

I’m torn and betwixt myself because of what I “hear” regarding our worship services.  I don’t actually attend anymore, and I have my reasons, but I do hear what others are saying and it makes me wonder have we lost our mind because we definitely have lost our focus.  When was the last time you heard anything about the Sanctuary being applied to what is taking place now? Or are we still being made to look backward?  Does your pastor preach about things not related or relative to what is going on today?  Did it sound like something he got together last night or even worse right there on the spot and with all the shouting, and walking around to raise up the emotional level a notch or two because the substance is wanting?  Did you come away knowing something you hadn’t considered before, or was it just a feeling supposedly the Holy Ghost, when actually it was a spirit alright, but not the one you think!

While it is good to remember the old, so we don’t wander too far, we must be cognizant of the present otherwise our future is worthless.  How can we know how far we’ve gone and how much further we must travel without fully understanding our beginning?  But we cannot “cling” to the beginning because if this is the case, we’ve never left to enter into our present.

December 19, 2015