While in my early 20’s I served as a local elder under the pastorate of Charles E. Parker in Newburgh, New York. Now, THAT was a man who loved to talk! Having gone into the ministry later in age than most, his mind was still like a sponge absorbing all he could but his gift was in presenting what He understood. He was the one who told me way back in the late 70’s, “Bro. Roy, if you learn all you can about the Sanctuary Service, then you will understand the Scriptures.” He was also quick to say, too, whenever I proposed something which fell outside the scope of Biblical understanding, “Now THAT, (referring to what I thought was a profound explanation of Scripture), is what is called, ‘spurious doctrine.’” In other words, it held no relevance and need not any further development.

Such is what we are encountering today as a church with this notion of 2520. How many of you going back to your childhood ever heard of this prophetic period? Did you hear it from the pulpit? Did you hear it in the Sabbath School? Did you even hear it when your parents, grandparents, et. Al, were gathered about the dinner table discussing things maybe a little too high for you? Had you heard of it twenty years ago? Had you even heard of it ten years ago? How about some of you, had you even heard of it until you read this post!

Most of us who matured in the 70’s, knew and heard of Shepherd’s Rods and we kept clear of them. Later, we heard through various news accounts about the incident in Waco Texas with the “Branch Davidian” group and perhaps were surprised to hear our church’s name being used within the context of what was taking place, some never having heard about this David Koresh and his past association with the remnant of God’s people. Sadly, the devil is not finished and now has some good minds, great minds actually further developing “spurious doctrine” in order to prove what? In their words, “it only supports the 2300 day prophecy” as if it needed any support at all!

Victor T. Houteff along with David Koresh while sincerely thinking what they had been given was “light”, proved to be a separation, a disastrous one in some accounts. Adherents of Desmond Ford and his confused message regarding “Righteousness by Faith” continues to mesmerize many who haven’t been able to find their way back, and now with this recently and newly developed “2520” whose claim to be an “old” message which is now “new”, is further taking root in our church for the purposes which remain unseen, but I dare tell you, the end result won’t be a good one. I won’t even discuss the ridiculous “Lunar Sabbath” foolishness! Be mindful of another one, Jeff Pippenger.

When I heard this “spurious doctrine”, all my previous learning became suspicious. However, there was a part of me which wondered, “Could this be part of the “strait testimony” which will result in the shaking? I’m with the majority of believers and we KNOW it is the minority in terms of religious historical events which ALWAYS proved to be right! So, am I in danger of being a castaway?” Real serious stuff here, my friends.

Our church, the Seventh Day Adventist Church, God’s last day church for this earth’s history, given to present the last day message before Christ’s return, will be attacked in ways we have no idea. With these new ideologies and “let’s try this…” attitude, which goes against what has been working will prove to be disastrous not only to those who are being witnessed to, but to the very ones who should have known better. We have been warned about attempting to move the landmarks, and many are guilty of doing just that with the former issue of “women’s ordination”, with the issue of music and dress reform, which includes ornamentation which it appears many of my friends and peers I grew up with have now relegated to some closet as being “old-fashioned” and not a salvific point and it is, but it will not be until it is too late, for most, when the truth will be made known. Friends, what was truth yesterday is truth today. When we stray from those paths into these, um, enlightened paths, make sure the light is true and not an artificial one. It is true, there are many voices and many spirits have gone out in to the world, and some are now occupying pews and pulpits and we need to know who they are but cannot UNLESS you know the history of the Advent movement and what they were up against then and one can easily see history is repeating itself and those who fell then are being replaced by newly falling ones today.

August 12, 2015


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