It is!  Many might not even know it, but it is.  Some will really disagree with this post, because they’ve identified with what I am going to say.  Many will simply disagree because of the word “spirit” contained within the word, but not recognize its true meaning.  Don’t you recognized the word “spirit” is also within spiritualism, and for certain we want no parts of that, so what about “spiritualizing”?

I never recognized this “symptom” of some Christians until I was in drug recovery, in a Christian ministry, and was made conscious regarding it.  Later, I became sensitized to whenever it would occur later.  This is what I mean.  For example, you can say, “Good morning” to someone, and their response would be, “Praise the Lord, for He has given us a new day.”  Why not just simply respond in kind, “Good morning”?  Or, you could be talking about anything, politics, the weather, shopping and the person says, “Amen”!  What’s that got to do with it?  My really dislike is when someone has this need to call me, “brother” before using my name.  MY NAME IS ROY.  It is what my parents named me.  Nowhere on my birth certificate does it say, “Brother Roy”.  Maybe they would have liked to have had a “Doctor”, like some have called their children in hopes of motivating them to make it a reality, but then that is silly because if they did achieve such scholastic achievement forever they would be called, “Doctor Doctor!”  I grew up with a guy called, “Doc”.

I think there is a truth embedded in the “Creation Story” many people don’t quite see.  God worked, made the earth in six days and on the Seventh, He rested.  There is more meaning involved in what took place and a lesson included which is often overlooked.  Let’s examine it.

God gave us “six” days for ourselves requiring only “one” for Himself.  It meant we would have a distinction between what is for us and what is for Him.  It meant by mere contrast, one day would be held higher because what one does on THAT day is separate, not done on any other, and the two should not be mixed together.  We see the problem now as some believe “all” days are the same—holy.  Show me where that is found in Scripture.  And if you treat the Sabbath like any other day, it is wrong.  And if you treat any other day like the Sabbath, it is just as wrong, too!  God, in His wisdom, knew what He was doing when He gave us six and He kept one.

During the week, I work.  It also involves some secularism.  It also involves some entertainment.  For example, I might listen to music which I would not listen to on the Sabbath, and conversely, there is music I might listen on the Sabbath I would not listen to during the week.  The same applies regarding entertainment.  There are television programming which is watch during the week and not watched on the Sabbath.  I’ve even heard some ridiculous theory stating if we have our gadgets record a program because it came on the Sabbath hours, to watch “after” the Sabbath we’re violating the Sabbath!  That’s what I mean by over “spiritualizing”.  I could only wish the technology was available to me during the 60’s when The Green Hornet and other programs came on that I could not see.

For those who wish to have their complete days only listening to “spiritual” music, that’s fine, for you, but don’t complain because I enjoy a little secular music during my week.  I have that right and privilege. I make the clear distinction.  I remember growing up, my grandparents would have us in their charge from early Sabbath morning until it closed.  They really didn’t know what to do with us after church and until young people’s meeting began, especially during those long summer days.  So they were creative in their thinking and a “Monopoly” game was given to us to ONLY play with during the Sabbath and not during the week!  Yep, now, that’s not what I would do today, but options were a little limited back then.  Today, well, I play Monopoly during the week but never on the Sabbath.  Again, a “distinction” is made.  And if I had had kids, I know enough to make that the ruling as well, for them.  Plenty of things to do on the Sabbath other than to bring Monopoly into it.

So, when I write a post and there is nothing “spiritual” contained within, please, please, please don’t spiritualize it and make it into something religious, or spiritual, because you’ll probably only get my displeasure expressed in words you will understand!  And I can assure you, and they won’t be “spirit-filled”!

April 21, 2017