Somebody won’t like this.  Have you ever heard the question asked, “So, are you telling me ONLY Seventh Day Adventist will be saved?”  Often when asked this question, the person who is being questioned clams up, goes into “political correct” answering mode, begins “hemming and hawing” because they don’t want to offend the questioner.  Well, it’s time to be offensive to those who won’t listen.  Those who have a problem answering this question directly and frankly, you might want to examine yourself to see if the “spirit of ecumenism” hasn’t already taken ahold of you!

When I look over Israel’s history I see several things which stands out:  (1) God separated them from all the people on the earth, (2) God gave them Commandments given to man from the very beginning, and laws which other nations would not be given and told them because of these Commandments and laws, the other nations will marvel at them because of their relationship with the God of heaven, (3) God specifically told Israel not to mingle with the other nations, (4) God never told them to “go out” to other nations and faiths and (5) According to the Book of Esther other nations are able to join them by changing their beliefs.

So, why is it, “spiritual” Israel has problems with these specifications which should be exactly the same as those of the original Israel?  Examine the text when they were rebuilding the Temple after the Babylonian exile, those who were not a part of Israel were told they could have no part in the building regardless of who they were and what they believed and they were blessed, original Israel, highly, for having stood their ground and prevented those from the outside to enter in and contaminate the work of God in resettling His church upon the earth.

Yet, today, I see “spiritual” Israel failing to uphold all the virtuous ideas of the original Israel which should be for our example.  To answer the question, “Are you telling me ONLY Seventh Day Adventist will be saved?”  The answer has to be “yes”.  Now, wait before you speak.  God has designated a church for these endtimes, yes or no?  Is not the church God has designated for these endtimes the Seventh Day Adventist Church, yes or no?  Does not this church have the responsibility of making sure, with regards to the Third Angel’s Message, the keeping of the Ten Commandments and to teach other men, and women God’s requirement to be saved, yes or no?  Has God told us to mingle with the other nations or to “Come out” according to the Second Angel’s Message along with the Fourth Angel, yes or no?  Are we to prepare ourselves and our heart to accept those who will be “coming out” from the other churches which constitute Babylon, yes or no?  If there are two churches which are designated by two characteristics: (1) Keeping the Commandments of God, and (2) Have the “Spirit of Prophecy”, then those who are not doing so are they not classified as Babylon, yes or no?

Then why is it you have so much problem in answer the question because the ones who are asking are asking for a reason!  THEY WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH AND BE CERTAIN SO THEY HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY NOT TO BE LOST!  They’re not looking nor wanting your politically correct answer.  THEY WANT THE TRUTH!  ARE YOU NOT A PART OF WHAT HAS BEEN CALLED “THE TRUTH”, the Seventh Day Adventist Church?  Then begin acting like it.

We have to recognize we have something to give to the people who are living in deception and confused as to what is truth.  There are many who choose to debate, argue and refute truth and you see it in the groups all the time and sadly a lot of it comes from those who claim to be a part of the endtime church.  Well, God did warn us there would be tares among the wheat, so we must learn not to spend too much time dealing with the tares, because they are there for one purpose, to “tear” you away from being a part of the wheat!  In order for them to have become tares it means they have spent enough time to sound like us, to know what it is we believe, so they’re especially school to confuse, present a different gospel, and before you know it, if you spend any quality time with them, and you’re not grounded, you, too, will become one of the tares still thinking you are one of the wheat!

We need to stop preaching like they, the Babylonians do.  We need to stop eating and drinking like they do.  We need to stop listening to the music, watching the films and reading the material like they do.  We need to separate ourselves from them, not join with them no matter how evangelistic you think your calling might be!  My Bible never said to “join them” but call to them to “come out”.  How can you tell someone to “come out” when you’re standing right in their midst!  That would be confusing to me.

We’re told when Christ comes there will be a separation between the goats and the sheep.  Some of us never been to a farm so we have no idea of the differences between a goat and sheep!  So, it would make sense for us to get a good look at what distinguishes them from each other, and set our focus on being in the right fold before it is too late, and once you have decided to join that fold, you should have no problem in answer those who are asking you “why” you are in the fold you have chosen.  Learn to give an answer to the question asked, and then leave it alone.  Truth doesn’t need you to defend it.  Truth stands alone and by itself.  Learn truth and deliver truth because afterward, you will hear a whole lot of lies, and you don’t need to rent space in your brain for it.

Are you a part of “Spiritual” Israel, or not?

December 15, 2017