“The subject of the Sanctuary and the Investigative Judgment should be clearly understood by the people of God. All need a knowledge for themselves of the position and work of their great High Priest. Otherwise it will be impossible for them to exercise the faith which is essential at this time or to occupy the position which God designs them to fill.”

When I was caught in my addiction of substance abuse, I used to have a thought which is relative for this time now in my time of sober living.  It was when I was the highest, there was that part of my thinking which said, “While I’m being excluding from relative thought, from actual awareness, life is still going on despite my knowledge or cognizance.”  In other words, while suffering extreme paranoia from the use of crack cocaine, while I dealing with this and my fear of being discovered and caught by the police, any aware of the time and what is transpiring around me, concerning me, goes without my knowing until the actual event occurs.  Such is what Christians are experiencing today in relation to God!

How many of us are aware of what is taking place in Heaven, right now, concerning us?  Are you even aware there is a judgment taking place, right now, today, and your name could come up for discussion?  Think about it and I’m sure you will see this as a sobering thought.  Or, are you one who is hiding his head in the sand, the sand of believing everything is going to be alright with or without your knowledge and participation?  Are you aware of the work Christ is doing, right now, concerning you?  Or, do you go about life without concerning yourself about end-time events which you are not cognizant of?  Are you keeping watch?

The “Spirit of Prophecy” gives a relative and serious point to those who “have ears and will hear” and “have eyes and will see” regarding the Sanctuary Service and the Investigative Judgment.  Recently, upon those who claim to be a part of this great church are siding with those who used to be members, who are now doubting both doctrines!  And these very doctrines are needed and necessary in order to be a witness to the world church of believers who are not given this information except it be through us.  How can you teach what you do not believe or accept as truth?  Your witness is without substance and there is no conviction in your message to those because, for them, there is no endpoint, no real accountability.  While even in my highest stage of paranoia when I thought the police would be entering into the premises, I knew enough to make an attempt to hide my crack pipe and remaining morsels of the drug.  At least I tried to be ready.  How many of us have stopped trying to be ready?

Interesting, who’d ever thunk one could learn from their drug experience in comparison with their Christian walk?  I know I have, and this is why I use every bit of my life’s experience in a way which might be beneficial to someone else.  This is truly confirmation of the familiar verse, “all things work together for good…” Romans 8:28.

If you haven’t all week thus far, take several moments out, right now, and contemplate the fact of Judgment.  Consider all you’ve done which will be discussed about you.  How comfortable are you going into the courtroom having not everything prepared?

You need to know and to take it seriously.


June 17, 2015


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