I began reading the “Spirit of Prophecy” writings when I was in my late teens and well into my early twenties.  By the time I got to my mid-twenties and early thirties, whenever I witnessed or preached, I would never use any of the material nor cite her name.   I also believed, too, the church was busy making a “profit” from the “prophet”.  I also believed just as quick as I could throw her name around, the person with whom I was witnessing could throw any name around they respected; so, I learned how to witness without using those references.  In my mid 40’s, I have a very good friend who is proficient in understanding prophecies who confessed, “I don’t believe the ‘Spirit of Prophecy’ consists of Mrs. White’s writings.”  Now since I’m approaching my sixties, thankfully I’ve lived long enough for wisdom to begin settling and this is what I’d like to dispense to anyone who reads this post:  “Do not be afraid to use the Spirit of Prophecy writings in your witness.”

We know God’s “Remnant” Church would be given a gift called the “Spirit of Prophecy”.  We also believed they would be used to help clarify Scripture and lead many to a fuller understanding of Truth.  Many of her books are distributed and read which eventually brings them into the church and this is a tool of witness which should be utilized.  If God has given this writer and her work to the “last-day” church, there should not be any shame in quoting, mentioning her name and utilizing this gift when speaking to those who don’t know.  It doesn’t matter what someone else quote and they should be able to do so because it is what they’ve come to know; however, when faced with “Truth”, no matter what they use will not stand.

While there are many critics and just downright abusers of Sis. White’s role in the church, it doesn’t downplay or lessen her influence.  What it does is reveal those who have issues and are placing themselves outside the Fold and for good reason.  We didn’t need them anyway!  I know these are strong words, and I’m not one to refrain from being frank, so let me continue, rather, rephrase it another way:  “After all God has and is doing for some people and if they’ve chosen to criticize and refuse to accept the light, well, they weren’t worth saving to begin with!”

The “Spirit of Prophecy” writings are an indispensable tool God has provided.  Those who spend the time reading such classics as, “The Great Controversy”, the “Desire of Ages”, to name the two foremost important work for our time can attest it is imperative to have read them and share with those who haven’t.  I’m never ashamed, now, to use her work in order to do my work, which is God’s work.  Why would I be ashamed to use what God has seen fit to provide me?  We have to come to the acceptance a lot of people will not be saved but we must use our best tools in order to give them an opportunity because their lives depend upon it.  I’m a writer.  I believe I have a “gift” of writing, so I write.  I write what I’m inspired to write; however, you may not be a writer.  Your talent may lie elsewhere, but if you think cutting and pasting a particular chapter on a relative subject would help when a person who is undecided, then do so and do not be afraid to tell them where you’ve found the reference.

God gave us tools, so use them!


June 13, 2015


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