While involved in my morning’s devotion the thought entered my mind, what if Sis. White were alive today what would she be posting, or tweeting, and how many “friends” or “followers” would she have?  Or, would it matter at all?  It is amazing, to me, how useful these tools are if used wisely and effectively.  A little over a year ago I didn’t know all this existed.  I had only a taste prior to 2010 but since 2014 I have taken advantage of social media and pray I’m making some good effort in doing my part to enlighten others before it is too late.

I’ve received an education, too.  If it weren’t for social media I would not have access to all of her writings.  But, those writings are meaningless unless I take the time to read them.  How many of you are doing so?  How many of you are now the proud owner of these digital editions but treat them like museum pieces, for show but not for use?  How many of you make time during each day to delve into these precious articles of truth and then share with others your findings, or are you so preoccupied with the day-to-day activities of your life with only a small investment of time for God?  How many of you are more involved in the posting of jokes and other nonsense as compared the Truth?  Sure, I enjoy a good joke like anyone but my emphasis is more to the posting of something benefiting someone who doesn’t know the truth.  Sure, I enjoy various games: Sugar Crush, Papa Pear and Super 8 Pool, but I make certain these activities are at the end of my day having completed certain reading first.

How many of you, like me, have former classmates you’ve connected with who didn’t know then and don’t know now what you believe and how it will affect them?  Are you a witness to them, perhaps an opportunity for you to do what you neglected to do so many years before?  How about the various friends you’ve picked up along the way, are they getting tidbits of your witness or are they witnessing tidbits of your foolishness?  Are you growing in your own walk or is your walk growing farther and further from the point of Truth?

We are truly “Laodicean” in our work, life, relations and purpose.  Sadly the truth of the matter is, we don’t care!  We think we’re all right and as long as the status quo continues we’re on target for candidacy for those heavenly courts but I have a newsflash for you:  your mortgage payment was never received in the General Office and your mansion on high has been in foreclosure!

Take a moment to assess your daily activities on these social networks.  There is a saying which states whatever you’re mostly doing is your god.  Is God your idol or is your idol your god?  If I were to read through your timeline would I see something of your witness or would I be a witness to your foolishness? If what we have today any indication of what they could have had back 150 years ago, I wonder if the work would have been finished before this time.  I believe it would have been.  But if they were the same as we are, what a worse state we are in!  You see, they were of the church of Philadelphia which exemplified the love and care for each other by their witness, rejection or not.  We, on the other hand are in the church of “let’s do nothing because we got it all”.

Let’s see how much you will do today to advance the cause.  Oh, no, I won’t be reading your timeline to check.  Not my job.  But I understand there are angels who are in the recording business, and I don’t mean singing unless it’s the blues from having written down what you posted!


March 8, 2015


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