Of late there has been much discussion, doubt and discord as to what constitutes the “Spirit of Prophecy”.  The shame of it is while it is expected those who are NOT members of God’s “remnant” people, the Seventh Day Adventist church, to understand it, but members who ARE either don’t know about it, believe what it is, or there is no general consensus of what it is and its function, thereby limiting their own experience and welfare.  How can one benefit by what they don’t believe or understand?  Yet, it is given to all who claim to be a part of this wonderful and blessed church of Christ.

Several disturbing arguments I have heard over the years and most recently are these:

(1) The “Spirit of Prophecy” is ‘only’ the writings of the messenger, Mrs. Ellen G. White, consequently, there is no longer the gift of prophecy given for these days which exceed her, nor should we expect any.

(2)  Mrs. White is too much relied upon, spoken about and it appears what she has to say is overriding Scripture, and they’d rather throw out the entire experience than find resolution and moderation in their own lives.

(3) Sola Scriptura, therefore no need for any so-called writings of anyone other than Scripture.

All of these beliefs and arguments are in error and proven fallacy which will hinder anyone’s growth.  First the Scriptures state and quite clearly in Revelation 12:17:

“…which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” (KJV)

John spent an entire chapter speaking who the remnant church is using time and events and completes it in his last verse, the last part which speaks of two characteristics:  “keeping the Commandments of God, and having the testimony of Jesus Christ.”  Therefore if you wish to determine if your church, sect, fellowship, movement, denomination or cult are aligned with Scripture, the first question would be, “Does my church keep the ‘Commandments of God’?”  If it does not, you’re not in the right church.  The second characteristic is, “Does my church have the ‘testimony of Jesus Christ’?”  Many will answer, “yes” without fully knowing what it is.  The answer is found in the 19th chapter and verse 10:

“…and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” (KJV)

I hasten to add this key, VERY key verse to complete the thought:

“Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.” Revelation 14:12 (KJV)

Again, completing the thought.  God’s last day church MUST HAVE BOTH the, (1) Keeping of His “Ten” Commandments, and the “Spirit of Prophecy”.  For those who wish to ONLY have Scripture, you cannot be the “remnant” church of God.  For those who wish to ONLY have the Spirit of Prophecy, you cannot be the “remnant” church of God.  You must have both and both working conjointly.

Something which is key to keep in mind is this, “the same Spirit which inspired men to write the Scriptures is the same Spirit which has given and IS continuing to give the Spirit of Prophecy today.”

If you believe Sis. White was given the “Spirit of Prophecy”, you do well, but she is “not” the “Spirit of prophecy!”  The “Spirit” who gives “prophecy” is the Holy Spirit of God.  Now, let me ask you this:  “If the Holy Spirit has given the Bible writers what they wrote, given Mrs. White what she wrote and spoke, will it be the same Spirit who will give men and women what they write and speak for these endtime events?  How can it be otherwise!

The 14th Chapter of 1 Corinthians gives a detail write-up of Paul’s wish for all, you and I, male and female, and Paul’s wish is idealistic, but yet realistic because we can all have been given this gift, and many will, as we come closer to the end of time because there needs to be many who will write, speak prophecy to those who come within our sphere of influence.  Otherwise, how will they know?

Also, Mrs. White’s writings does not address certain events for our time.  She did not see nor mentions our present government.  But somewhere, someone, somehow will today.  Is this not to be believed or accounted as “prophecy” or having been gifted with the “Spirit of Prophecy”?  If she goes the first mile and someone goes the second, is it not the same “Spirit” given to them both?  Why do many want to keep God in a box, or for that matter Sis. White in a box, close the lid, and then sit on it as it be conclusive, nothing to be added?  That, to me, is narrow-mindedness and simple-mindedness which benefits nobody!

While it is true there might not have been an overlap with “major” prophets, there seem to be overlap with “major” and “minor” prophets and “minor” with other “minor” prophets.  We know during Obadiah’s time, he hid many prophets and he would know because he was one!  So, are we to say during the Church’s experience today there will not be many prophets, overlapping and confirming one another’s message especially since the “major” prophet, Mrs. White is no longer with us but her words speak loud and clearly today?  Maybe I am called and speak to you, while you are called and speak to others, and just when we think we are all alone God opens our eyes and reveals there are many of us who are doing the work because His Spirit is so vast and reaches all those necessary for getting the Three Angel’s Messages out to cover the entire world and He IS using more than one but many to accomplish this work!

Sounds pretty amazing and logical, to me.  So, I refuse to hem Him in with any shorted-sightedness on my part, and you’re part, too, if truth be told.

“Speak Lord, for Thy servant heareth.”

PS. Oh, by the way, don’t expect everyone to believe you because Someone said some time ago, “A prophet is not accepted in his own country.” He should know. He was not accepted either!

October 21, 2017