Yesterday, I had a very good conversation with a young believer.  Young in his walk not so much young in age and he asked very good questions regarding concerns such as the use of spices, clean meats and other issues and made the statement, “Is this not ‘another’ gospel” since it is not specifically in the Bible and as regarding “clean meat” didn’t Christ Himself eat fish, and I added “lamb” since He did observe Passover, and are these methods of obtaining salvation?  This morning I completed the reading of a chapter she wrote dealing with women’s dress and appearance.  And while doing so I received additional insight as to the privilege and usefulness of the “Spirit of Prophecy”.  So, let’s review the purpose and gift given to God’s remnant church.

The Bible states quite emphatically,

“And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” Rev 12:17 (KJV)

And then answers the question, what is the “testimony of Jesus Christ”?

“And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Rev 19:10 (KJV)

In the defining of what is the “testimony of Jesus” notice there are two colons “:” which is defined as:  “a punctuation mark : used chiefly to direct attention to matter (as a list, explanation, quotation, or amplification) that follows.”  So, God is speaking with John who wrote this bit of Scripture found it necessary to continue amplifying the actual meaning because by virtue of the words themselves, “testimony of Jesus” could mean several things, for example, those things which He spoke while present upon Earth.  So, in using proper grammar rules, the “testimony of Jesus” is to “worship God”.  And how are we to worship God?  By the “spirit of prophecy”.  So, in essence, the “testimony of Jesus” is the “spirit of prophecy”.  And the “spirit of prophecy” will cause us to “worship God” in a more proper and befitting way.  And, this is key here, this “spirit of prophecy” is ONLY given to those who are considered the “remnant” of all the churches who are characterized by “keeping the commandments of God”.

Now, let me be very direct here because this is not the time to be shy and it needs to be forcefully and pointedly stated, “THOSE WHO ARE NOT KEEPING THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD CANNOT BE THE REMNANT OF GOD.”  And, “THOSE WHO ARE NOT REMNANT OF GOD CANNOT BE RECIPIENTS OF THE ‘SPIRIT OF PROPHECY’”!  Oh, sure there are those nominal churches and Christians who believe they’ve been given the “gift of prophecy”, but this not the “spirit of prophecy”.  No other church will confess nor have as a rule for life and worship anything which is remote called or classified as the “spirit of prophecy” EXCEPT the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  In fact, in my early years of witness, which is just as good today as it was then, when someone would ask how can we know the true church of God, because there has to be evidence of such, the Bible makes it very clear, they must adhere to the “commandments of God” AND “have the spirit of prophecy”.  If it has claims on one or the other, and not both, it CANNOT be the true church of God but an imposter sent by the devil to have you “think” you are but you are not.  In fact, the Bible calls them having been deceived and in the “synagogue of Satan”.  That’s not where I wish my membership to reside!

So, what does this “spirit of prophecy” do for the remnant church of God?  It define properly the “worship of God” by our lives.  Our lives which consists of eating, drinking, dressing, recreation, employment, associations, family, in other words, every facet of our lives is discussed because our lives, our bodies are the “temple of God” and it is this temple where God resides, or should, so we’re able to “worship” Him in “spirit and in truth”.  How is this possible when there are contaminating influences “outside” (appearance) and “inside” (dieting habits)?  Every bit of information given provides insight which is NOT provided by the Bible—directly, because it was told it would not but ONLY when the “Spirit of Truth” should come, and it did, when God chose this woman to write, and she did, and God’s remnant people have been given this gift, which sadly many question, reject, pick and choose, or do not believe at all, therefore which casts them OUT from actually being a part of God’s remnant body because they “deny the power thereof”!

There is a progression which is often overlooked.  I, too, went through a period where I doubted and wanted nothing to do with her writings.  However, as I am getting older, I am finding I need those words of commendation and correction because they’re helping me to understand Scripture fully, which it was intended to do.  It’s “cleaning me out” so I am able to “understand clearly” what is required of me in order to please God so I might worship Him in the manner He has established.  I accept what is happening within me and I’m grateful to have it so I make both, the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy writings a daily diet.  Think of it this way:  the Bible is my “main course” and the Spirit of Prophecy as my “appetizer” for it prepares me to receive and enjoy the main course which is what I have been expecting and desire.  They both go hand-in-hand and when it is done, the purpose for it is better realized.

There is a danger when we gorge too much on the one without the other.  Again, this is going to be perhaps a distasteful point, but it needs to be made.  There are some who have too much of the spirit of prophecy and not enough Bible and the reverse is true.  You cannot read nor understand the Bible as clearly WITHOUT the SPIRIT who provides Prophecy (understanding).  And, you cannot understand the Spirit of Prophecy WITHOUT the BIBLE which provides the Commandment and historical/prophetical prospective.  You need BOTH and there is only one church given both, the remnant, and we’ve already defined who they are.

That which will cause the shaking to occur in the remnant church will be the direct word or the “spirit of prophecy”.  Although that’s a whole other issue, but let me touch upon it briefly:  we came into the church and the church is comprised of rules which we must believe.  When we do not and cannot believe in those rules, we will not desire to remain, AND it will be our lack of understanding regarding those issues the Spirit of Prophecy will bring home to our hearts such as eating, drinking, lifestyle, dressing, etc., which reveals the “pride of our lives” and what we’re not able to give up, causing dissention and eventual dissatisfaction because we want to find something which is satisfactory, meaning we want both worlds and this is NEVER possible in the family God.

Oh, I know, I’ve given you much to chew but begin by biting a little, before swallowing.


February 26, 2015


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