In my studying, this morning, well, afternoon now that I’ve checked a clock, the subject is regarding what occurred in Acts 2.  I could not help but remember my own experience when I became associated with a Pentecostal movement known as COGIC (Church of God in Christ).  Part of their belief is “speaking in tongues” and this is often encouraged by those who are wishing to join this denomination.  It did not work in my case!  Oh, sure, I had to show some “evidence” I was “hit” by the Holy Spirit, so in a moment of emotionalism generated by the music, I “assumed” the position of being “slain in the spirit”, and while I laid on the floor the whole time wondering, “Fool, what are you doing on the floor?” I was accepted into the fellowship and became an elder.

Truth has an interesting way of remaining truth even while being confronted with error.  No matter how much I tried, in my mind, I could not bring my mouth to make gibberish sounds in order to be accepted by anyone.  I knew what was being encouraged, practiced and idolized was not an “evidence” of the Holy Spirit at all, at least not in the manner it was being done here.

When we examine the issue of tongues we must go back to when tongues first originated.  Gen 11.  Sin was greatly strengthened because man could speak to each other.  God “confounded” or “confused” the language of man in order for them to spread out, His original plan to populate the world and to stem the growing desire for idolatry.  To reverse what took place then, God caused man to be able to understand the “Gospel” by each man “hearing in his own language” spoken by the Disciples.  This is absolute truth.

What is absolutely untrue is what is taking place in churches today by what is known and referred to as: “ecstatic utterance”.  It is also defined as:  “Glossolalia, a phenomenon sometimes referred to as “ecstatic utterances,” is the uttering of unintelligible, language-like sounds while in a state of ecstasy. Glossolalia is sometimes confused with xenoglossia, which is the Biblical “gift of tongues.” However, whereas glossolalia is babbling in a nonexistent language, xenoglossia is the ability to speak fluently a language the speaker has never learned.”

The enemy will always have a counterfeit in order to deceive the people of God.  Now, let’s make it evident, “THESE” are the people of God, too!  If they weren’t they would not have been attacked, by satan, but they’ve allowed the deception to continue for too long.

THIS IS KEY:  The only method we have to communicate with God is through prayer.  Satan attacks our ability to pray using several mediums:  drugs & alcohol, unbelief and confusion.  It is obvious someone under the influence of narcotics or alcohol is unable to pray and/or meditate (hearing from God).  Those who do not believe God surely won’t pray and cut off messages coming from God to them.  The other is very interesting because it will have sincere people “thinking” they’re in communication with God when all actuality they are not!  It is no different than praying to a statue of Mary or some other so-called saint.

Paul said it excellently:

But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.” 1 Peter 4:7 (KJV)

No one has to ever give “evidence” of God’s involvement in their lives.  It takes place with the “fruit” shown.  “Speaking in tongues” is not something one can generate on their own, no matter how good the Hammond B3 is being played.  God had a definite purpose for utilizing this gift—then, because of what He had done a long time ago in Babylon, and doesn’t need such to take place—today! Now, if someone needs to hear the Gospel, they just go to a church which uses a language they’re comfortable in listening and understanding.

Leave the gibberish to the baby.  Perhaps they’re the only ones who can understand anyway!


April 27, 2016