And, we should!

Yesterday, I posted in The Seventh Day Adventist Group regarding the General Conference of SDA.  Admittedly, it was controversial and it brought a lot of attention and responses.  I attempted to read each one’s comment along with dissenting views and what I came away with was this:  Sometimes, we just don’t know.  And, we should!

Should what?

Know where we stand.

We have concluded quite a tumultuous year.  So many notable deaths, just in this month alone.  So much religious news, some quite fascinating and yet disturbing, especially within the ranks of my own faith.  I should inform you, if you haven’t figured it out by now, this is just the beginning.  We’re in for certain exciting times to befall 2017.

Having just gotten off the phone, a well-respected friend and elder in the church for more than 40 years and listening to his remarks regarding the North American Division (NAD) and what has been echoed in some responses from fellow Adventists because of the post it demonstrates in no uncertain terms, God’s church, His remnant church is under attack not only from the outside but inside as well.  It does not surprise me many “just don’t know” what is happening.  A strategy of war is to attack the head and watch the rest wither.  So, while the General Conference is being attacked, while the North American Division is being attacked, while various conferences are under attack and lastly while many churches are being attacked, it is our own personal duty to recognize when we are under personal attack and not succumb to whatever it is which is seeking to bring us down.

Whether or not you observe Christmas is not the issue.  Whether or not you will be observing New Year’s celebration is not the issue.  Whether or not you’re for Women’s Ordination is not the issue. Whether or not you are for or against the LTGB movement is not the issue.  The issue is how is your “personal” relationship with God?  Are you able to defend why you do what you do between you and God?  Are you able to stand upon sound Biblical principles which begin in Genesis and end in Revelation?  If there is even a smudge of disharmony, you need to go back and recheck yourselves, and that done personally between you and God.  Just as we have as many people reading, sharing, we will have just as many views.  God is one.  His view is one.  His truth is one.  We should be as one.  One with what we believe, and one with what we believe as a church and if we allow issues which are mostly personal to be the tool which we use to batter others because they don’t see it in the same narrow, diseased, corrupt way as we do, we will never find progress in our own lives never mind in others.

My point?  We need to stop debating and arguing over matters which remain an individual effort.  We know only this, the Ten Commandments are the guidelines used to distinguish sin.  That’s our mirror.  Sis. White is not our mirror.  The GC is not our mirror.  Our elected and/or appointed leaders AND pastors are not our mirror.  Christ is our mirror and when I, you, and every one of us seek to see our reflection is needs to be of Him, not of each other.

Next year will be the beginning of many sorrows, I believe.  If my focus is on you and your focus is on me, then we will miss what the enemy is doing to us all.  There is so much fighting within the barracks of God’s remnant army, none of us, if only a select few are healthy enough to withstand the battle once we get out of the door.  And we need to get out of the door in order to evangelize and strengthen our own faith in the process.  While it is necessary to keep watch, since we are called “watchmen”, and we should sound the alarm, we need to let those hearing the sound of the alarm, to themselves, to determine if they will wage a valiant war or fall beneath the slaughter.

I promise many of you this:  I will stop focusing on you and what you are doing wrong.  Will you do the same, for me?  I also promise many of my soon to be written posts will be about spreading the Three Angel’s Message.  Will you do the same?  If I see something in you which is disturbing, I will take it to the Lord in prayer—first, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead when He says it’s time to share with you.  I have to believe He’s working on you just as He’s working on me.  Will you do the same, with me?  Up till now, it seem as if there is no leadership among us and to see the scattering, misguided, misled, misspoken, it would have been so much better to have remain unspoken except via prayer.

True, sometimes we just don’t know, but this should not be how we should find ourselves this time next year should we be spared in the warfare to reach.  Beginning tomorrow, in little more than six hours when the calendar new year would have begun, for me, for some of you, we should begin to put into practice standing firm on solid ground built upon Christ and not upon anything else.  I don’t have to know what you know, nor should you know what I know, but Christ knows each and every one of us and knows how to marshal us into being organized, solidified and formidable against the enemy He’s know all of his life, and our lives, and knows how to bring resolve, success and victory.

This is what I know without any doubt.  See you next year.

2017 Calender on the red cubes

2017 Calender on the red cubes

December 31, 2016